New Product: Redox diKaP

Published online: Jun 28, 2018 New Products
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During the growing season, we face a variety of environmental oxidative stress (EOS) events. EOS is caused by one or more of the following: weather, excess or lack of moisture, nutrient deficiencies, or poor cultural practices. diKaP from Redox can help combat a heat stress event.

Heat Stress in Plants

High temperatures can cause a decrease in chlorophyll production and synthesis, leading to decreased sugar and energy production in the plant. Yes, plants get hangry too when energy is low. Heat stress brings on a shortage of new growth, decreased sugar, color and reproductive development, and cell death. In other words, increased oxidative stress, if left unchecked, causes decreased quality and yields in many crops. 

diKaP delivers phosphorus and potassium nutrition reacted with amino acids and humic acid, supplying the plant with necessary metabolic fuel. It is also unique in its ability to promote antioxidant production in the plant. Antioxidants can mitigate oxidative stress, associated with extremes in temperature and fluctuations in soil moisture.   

The combination of PO4- and K+ delivered to the plant in a complexed available form enhances the plant’s ability to partition energy across its sink sites in a very efficient manner. This efficiency promotes uniform vegetative growth while maintaining an active root system, allowing tuber development to continue at sustained rates.

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