Market Access Agreement Signed for U.S. Fresh Potatoes to Indonesia

Published online: Jun 14, 2018 Articles
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On June 5, the United States and Indonesia reached a market access agreement that will allow U.S. fresh potatoes to be exported to Indonesia under a defined set of phytosanitary requirements. 

The agreement comes after four years of discussions and will include both U.S. chipping potatoes for further processing and table-stock potatoes for direct consumption. Potatoes produced in all U.S. states are included in the agreement.

U.S. potato growers and exporters will need to follow the requirements in the protocol to ensure Indonesia’s quarantine security. This includes growing from certified seed potatoes, taking actions to address any potential pests of concern, and sprout inhibiting the potatoes prior to export. Importers in Indonesia will be required to obtain an import permit prior to export. The agreement also identifies which ports of entry will be equipped to receive U.S. potatoes. Full details on the protocol will be circulated to fresh growers and shippers.

Indonesia is a market of 261 million people and is the largest market in Southeast Asia to which U.S. fresh potatoes had not previously secured formal market access. U.S. exports of potatoes and products to Indonesia were valued at $27 million in 2017.

The U.S. potato industry thanks the USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture’s Agency of Quarantine for their dedicated efforts to reach this agreement. The U.S. potato industry looks forward to providing Indonesia consumers high quality U.S. fresh potatoes.