Global Potato Promotion Campaign Begins

Published online: Jun 28, 2018 Articles
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Staunch supporters of the humble potato have decided it's high time that consumers across the world pause and realize that this tuber, taken so much for granted, may very well hold the key to food security for generations to come. Initiating a first ever global promotions campaign of this nature, the International Potato Center (CIP), headquartered in Peru, recently announced the “Imagine a World without Potatoes”campaign, inviting millions of potato consumers around the world to imagine life without the potatoes they are so used to having around in all its varieties and presentations. The campaign seeks to bring together diverse partners from the global potato sector, be they private companies, trade associations or public research institutes, among others. 

“It’s a call to action; we’re giving consumers the freedom to use their imagination and draw their own conclusions," says Marc de Beaufort, marketing specialist at CIP. "Potatoes are an integral part of our lives. They evoke feelings of tradition, home-cooked meals, warmth and comfort. The problem is not that the potato fails to inspire, but that we take it for granted.”

Visit the dedicated website where more information on the campaign can be found: