The Smorgasbord: Gioconda

Published online: May 30, 2018 Seed Potatoes, Smorgasbord
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This article appears in the June 2018 issue of Potato Grower

In this month’s Smorgasbord, we enlist the help of our friends at Sunrain Varieties to look at Gioconda, named after the Italian name for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa. Gioconda is a beautiful, yellow-skinned and yellow-fleshed potato with high yields. It offers fast-bulking tubers with a very early maturity. Gioconda’s buttery, nutty flavor ensures the end customer will enjoy these incredible potatoes as much as the grower.

Gioconda is marketed by Sunrain Varieties. Sunrain can be contacted at (208) 552-3096 or  



Large oval tuber

Bright yellow skin and flesh

Smooth, attractive skin with very shallow eyes



Fast-bulking tuber

High percent of “A” sizing

Strong resistance to PVY

Great taste roasted, baked, boiled, steamed or mashed 


Agronomic Traits

Very early maturity—90 days

Moderate-high yield

Average fertility compared to other yellow varieties

Medium storage length

Robust vine with excellent hill coverage early in the season


Sensitive to common scab, powdery scab and early blight