New: RiteYield-John Deere Integration

Published online: Mar 08, 2018 New Products, Potato Harvesting
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The RiteYield yield monitor from Greentronics can now be integrated with John Deere GS3 2630 displays. In a cooperative effort with several years of field testing, both John Deere and Greentronics customized their systems to allow an integration where the Greentronics yield monitor transmits yield data to the 2630, which displays and stores yield data in real time and is capable of wireless data transmission using John Deere data technologies.

Customers can visit their John Deere dealer and ask about the Yield Documentation Specialty Crop package. RiteYield integration to Trimble FMX and TMX displays has been available for some time.

Greentronics yield monitors are specifically designed for the root crop and vegetable industries, where produce moves on a conveyor in the harvester. The system is easy to implement on potato, carrot, onion, tomato, beet, squash, grape, leafy herbs and a variety of other vegetable harvesters. It is built around one or more load cells, which are installed in a conveyor belt to measure the weight of the crop as it passes on the belt. Growers use yield maps to study and manage variability in their fields and generate report cards on their progress. By applying break-even points, yield maps can indicate areas with profit and loss and help make decisions about altering inputs, population density, crop rotation, cover crops, drainage and leveling.

Once installed and calibrated, the harvester operator is not required to interact with the yield monitor while harvesting. Only when starting a new field does the operator need to select the new field from a list on the console. It is also possible for him to log data for each load. Optional ISOBUS compatibility is available for users who prefer to use their in-cab displays—such as John Deere 2630—to view and access the RiteYield menus.

RiteYield may be purchased as a stand-alone system, or with optional integration to John Deere or Trimble. It is designed to combine very well with RiteTrace, Greentronics’ automatic track-and-trace system.

Greentronics offers other products for automating drop height control at the unloading boom and for automatically controlling digging depth and planting depth. Contact Greentronics at (519) 669-4698 or

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