New Product: UPI Tripzin ZC Herbicide

Published online: Mar 07, 2018 Herbicide, New Products
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United Phosphorus Inc., also known as UPI, announces the launch of new Tripzin ZC herbicide in the U.S.

Tripzin ZC is a unique, patented pre-mix that combines the strength of two powerful active ingredients, metribuzin and pendimethalin. Tripzin ZC provides pre-emergent control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf and annual grass weeds, including Palmer amaranth and other pigweed species, ragweed species, lambsquarters and velvetleaf. Crops on the Tripzin ZC label include potatoes, soybeans, alfalfa, field corn, garbanzo beans, lentils, peas and sugarcane. As it is applied prior to crop emergence in soybeans, it is compatible with all herbicide-tolerant trait varieties as well as conventional beans.

“Tripzin ZC represents another example of innovation from UPI,” says UPI senior product manager Chris Bowley. “The combination of metribuzin and pendimethalin, in one product, gives growers two modes of action and, therefore, a viable resistance management tool to help them protect their crop. The formulation is water-based, hence has a very low VOC profile and convenient handling characteristics. Trial results over the past two years in multiple regions of the U.S. have shown that Tripzin ZC provides consistent, repeatable control of many of the key weed species that create headaches for growers. We at UPI are delighted to add Tripzin ZC to our growing portfolio of high-quality crop protection products, designed to help American growers combat the challenges posed by herbicide resistance.”

For full details about Tripzin ZC and all UPI products, go to or call (800) 438-6071.