New Product: Senninger i-Wob2

The next generation of wobbler technology

Published online: Mar 20, 2018 Irrigation, New Products
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Senninger Irrigation announces the release of the i-Wob2, Senninger’s longest lasting pivot Wobbler. The i-Wob2 is designed to last longer in the field, which means growers will not need to invest in sprinkler package replacement as often. Its new protective shroud guards the i-Wob2 and protects the sprinkler’s wear surface from the splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit and direct UV damage. Additionally, the wear surface itself has been enhanced. These improvements enhance the i-Wob2’s longevity and make it capable of better withstanding harsh operating conditions. The i-Wob2 is backed by a three-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance.

The protective shroud also doubles as a nozzle carrier, making it quick and easy for growers to re-nozzle during the growing season. Growers who need an extra nozzle to irrigate winter crops or prefer to tailor-manage their resources won’t need to carry tools or parts into the field.

With four different models that produce multiple droplet sizes and trajectories, the i-Wob2 is suitable for virtually any field or situation, including windy conditions, difficult soils and high-profile crops.

The i-Wob2 provides the same uniformity that defines Senninger’s Wobbler technology. Wobbler technology utilizes grooved deflectors to divide a flow into numerous streams of water but keeps them in a constant wobbling motion to further divide each stream into consistently sized droplets. This consistent droplet size is what helps maintain a sprinkler’s pattern integrity against wind drift and evaporation.