New Product: PVY Rapid Test

Published online: Mar 23, 2018 New Products
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Potato virus Y is commonly found in potato crops, and is regarded by many experts as one of the most damaging potato viruses, owing to its damaging effect on crop quality and yield. Most common symptoms seen in the field will be due to secondary (tuber-borne) infection and include stunting, leaf mottling, crinkling, yellowing and necrosis.

Current-season infection usually has mild symptoms or none at all. Many growers, crop consultants and inspectors will be familiar with the symptoms of PVY. However, getting a definitive confirmation of the presence of PVY is important. Catching the virus before it becomes a bigger problem is something every grower should be focused on. 

PVY diagnosis can be achieved by sending samples to an approved laboratory for testing. However, laboratory methods can be time-consuming and take days or weeks. A fast alternative is to use a potato virus Y rapid test. These tests are meant to provide in-field results in a matter of minutes.

The Pocket Diagnostic potato virus Y rapid test is a quick in-field test designed to detect PVY in a wide range of plant material, including woody tissues, leaves, roots and soft material.

Pocket Diagnostic’s PVY rapid test kit will detect both PVYO (common strain) and PVYN(necrotic strain).

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