Include Pre- and Post-Emergence Application in Herbicide Program

Published online: Feb 20, 2018 Herbicide
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Source: Syngenta

Because herbicide resistance is becoming so widespread, it’s important to apply both a pre-emergence and a post-emergence herbicide in order to protect your yield potential and prevent further development of resistance. In a weed management program, pre-emergence and post-emergence residual herbicides both serve important purposes and don’t usually provide sufficient control on their own.

Pre-emergence herbicides are vital for effectively managing weeds that are beginning to germinate and keeping fields clean at planting time. Applying a pre-emergence residual will reduce the number of weeds in your field and provide long-term control. However, the University of Missouri says there will usually be some resistant weeds that escape the initial herbicide application.

To avoid escape weeds, growers should follow their pre-emergence residual herbicide application with a post-emergence application. A post-emergence herbicide with a different mode of action (MOA) will help control weeds and prevent resistance.

Purdue University says selecting effective residual herbicides and overlapping them is the best way to protect yield potential. Combining different MOAs in pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides will overcome weeds that are resistant to multiple herbicides and create the best environment for your soybeans to grow.

Syngenta offers a soybean herbicide portfolio filled with strong solutions to maximize herbicide diversity, fight resistance and increase yield. Boundary® 6.5 EC and BroadAxe® XC pre-emergence herbicides provide long-lasting, early-season residual control against weeds. Boundary or BroadAxe XC can be followed by Flexstar® GT 3.5 post-emergence herbicide for overlapping protection against the most difficult weeds. Prefix® herbicide is another convenient and effective pre-emergence option that can also be applied early post-emergence in a system preceding Boundary.

By combining pre- and post-emergence herbicide applications, you can fight resistance and get the best protection against soybean weeds this spring and in the years to come.