Helm Agro Launches Four Crop Protection Products

Published online: Feb 03, 2018 Herbicide, New Products
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Helm Agro US, Inc. announces the launch of four new crop protection products in the first quarter of 2018.  

In total, Helm now has 19 crop protection products in its U.S. portfolio for the row crop, specialty crop and horticultural markets.

“The rapid expansion of our portfolio is remarkable,” says Troy Bettner, marketing and business development leader for the company. “The pace has a lot to do with the organization’s commitment to global research and new product development.”

Helm’s latest introductions stem from market demand for high-quality formulations that can compete against market-leading brands in both performance and economic value. Bettner says Helm is globally equipped to compete against market-dominating crop protection companies as a result of the organization’s world-class intelligence and expertise in both active ingredients and formulations.

New Helm offerings include:

  • Argos Ultra herbicide, a co-formulation of metolachlor and mesotrione, two active ingredients known for efficacious weed control and long-lasting residual. Approved on field corn, sweet corn, yellow popcorn and grain sorghum, Argos Ultra combats difficult-to-manage grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. It also defeats weed biotypes resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting, PPO and triazine herbicides.

Argos Ultra has a best-in-class formulation that is tank-mix compatible with glyphosate. The product is an ideal fit in geographic areas where atrazine use is limited. 

Argos Ultra contains 3.76 pounds of metolachlor and 0.33 pounds of mesotrione per gallon, and is available in 2×2.5-gallon cases.   

  • Quiz herbicide is a premier single-pass tool for controlling annual and perennial grasses on soybeans, cotton, canola, dry beans, sugarbeets, sunflowers and other crops, plus non-crop areas.

“With its flexible rate ranges and versatile tank-mix options, Quiz herbicide is a top choice for growers,” says Bettner. “Plus, it has superior crop safety features and a wide application window.” 

As a bonus to soybean growers, Bettner says the product will control volunteer corn in glyphosate-tolerant soybeans. Quiz herbicide is available in 2×2.5-gallon cases and contains 0.88 pounds of the active ingredient, quizalofop-P-ethyl, per gallon.

  • Helmet and Helmet SPC herbicides are Helm’s new metolachlor offerings for grass and small-seeded broadleaf control in corn, cotton, sorghum, potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes and other crops. 

Bettner says both Helmet brands provide cost -ompetitive advantages along with high-quality formulations and equivalent weed control to market-leading standards. 

Available in easy-to-use emulsifiable concentrate formulations, Helmet and Helmet SPC can be applied alone or in a planned two-pass program.

Helmet herbicide contains 7.8 pounds of metolachlor plus benoxacor safener per gallon. Helmet SPC contains 8 pounds of metolachlor without safer per gallon. Both products are packaged in 2×2.5-gallon cases and 270-gallon totes. 

According to Bettner, Helm currently has one of the fastest-growing portfolios in the U.S. crop protection category. Always looking to the future, he says the company is continuously working on visionary solutions from its research and development pipeline, with several discoveries already slated for U.S. markets over the next several years

“Helm’s dramatic growth here in the U.S. is also supported by the confidence that our customers have in our products,” says Bettner. “Helm products are among the most-tested within the post-patent agrochemical industry. Every product in our portfolio is thoroughly evaluated and field-tested to ensure it does what we say it can.”