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Published online: Jan 22, 2018 Fertilizer, New Products
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Levesol’s ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate is the most scientifically proven and only patent-pending chelating agent in the industry. Other phosphorus efficiency products bond with micronutrients to increase phosphorus levels, inefficiently leaving micronutrients such as zinc and manganese tied up. Levesol chelates micronutrients, protecting them from interacting with molecules like phosphorus, allowing both to be more available for plant uptake. Levesol has three modes of action: It unlocks the nutrients in the soil, makes the nutrients it’s applied with more available, and remains mobile in the plant for season-long activity.


Levesol DFC

Levesol DFC is a chelating agent that can be added directly to dry phosphorus-based starter fertilizers. Levesol DFC forms a protective bond with micronutrients in the fertilizer and in the soil, preventing them from forming insoluble bonds with phosphorus. This allows for easier plant uptake of phosphorus and micronutrients. It can be impregnated on dry fertilizer and applied in-furrow or in a band. When proper mixing and handling instructions are followed, Levesol DFC will not affect how applicators handle dry fertilizer. It stays flowable during impregnation and application, and doesn’t stick to equipment. Levesol DFC is very stable and can withstand varying soil and environmental conditions.


Levesol Zn

Levesol Zn is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA and designed for use in most soil applied liquid fertilizers. It increases the time that zinc is available to the plant and makes zinc, phosphorus and other micronutrients more available for plant uptake. One quart of Levesol Zn can replace common 9 percent EDTA zinc to provide enhanced yields. Levesol Zn also contains an improved de-foamer system to reduce foam formation when mixing with starter fertilizers.



Redline starter fertilizer includes a premium mix of macro- and micronutrients plus the purest, most highly concentrated form of ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate in the industry. This chelating agent keeps the nutrients in Redline from binding to negatively charged particles in the soil, making the nutrients more available for plant uptake. Redline also makes essential nutrients, already present in the soil, more available for plant uptake and can be applied to a variety crops.


Ammend Micronutrients

The Ammend Micronutrients line of fertilizers offers a balance of nutrients to provide plants with the nutrition they need. Ammend Micronutrients are available in a range of options, including iron, copper, zinc, boron and several others. Since every field has different needs, the Ammend line offers a variety of nutrient products, including premium chelated nutrient sources and standard nutrient solutions, offering a range of options for a variety of field situations.



Tachline is a blend of four essential nutrients including sulfur, zinc, manganese and boron. It is intended as a foliar application for a variety of food or fiber crops. When used along with sound agronomic practices, the essential nutrients in Tachline will supplement the nutrition the plant needs to maximize yield.

Tachline has been shown to be compatible with most pesticides; however, a jar test may be needed to guarantee compatibility before tank-mixing with other fertilizers.