Tomra, Grimme Team Up to Improve Sorting Solutions

Leaders in sorting and grading provide innovative technologies to help customers increase efficiency and quality

Published online: Dec 06, 2017 Articles, Potato Equipment
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Grimme Group has joined forces with Tomra, the global leader in food sorting solutions. The partnership will result in the industry-leading Tomra FPS (Field Potato Sorter) being integrated into the RH Combi to create the Grimme PowerCombi solution.

Through the new partnership, Grimme will distribute the Tomra FPS so customers can purchase and deploy a single, integrated grading and sorting solution, including post-sale support.

With the newly launched PowerCombi, Grimme uses the combination of highly efficient mechanical separation mechanisms and electronic sorting to not only increase separation accuracy of up to 98 percent, but also to increase capacity up to 100 metric tons per hour, a 25 percent improvement on previous systems. As a result, fewer employees are required to check for waste products, by considerably reducing labor costs.

Using Tomra’s unique multispectral infrared sensing, the FPS scans the product stream in-air and can differentiate between good, typically soil-coated potatoes and stones, soil clods, cans, wood and other foreign objects, which are rejected by high-speed ejectors. Potatoes continue unharmed through the machine and onto the takeaway conveyors.

The cooperation agreement was signed during the recent Agritechnica event held in Hannover, Germany, following two years of successful field testing and validation in France and Germany

“We are excited about this new cooperation with Grimme after two years of field evaluations to offer improved quality and yield improvements to our mutual customers through increased integration between grading and sorting solutions,” says Ashley Hunter, senior vice president and head of Tomra Sorting Food. “Current and new customers will see new levels of service, support and productivity from the work we’ll do together with Grimme.” 

“Grimme Group is pleased to increase our cooperation with another market leader, Tomra, in support of our shared customers,” says Sebastian Talg, managing director of sales at Grimme. “We are confident in the gains our new partnership will bring to customers in every corner of the globe across all of the agricultural applications we support.” 

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