The Smorgasbord: Sierra Gold

Published online: Dec 28, 2017 Seed Potatoes, Smorgasbord
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This article appears in the January 2018 issue of Potato Grower.

In this Smorgasbord, we take a look at Sierra Gold, a russet-skinned, yellow-fleshed variety developed at Texas A&M University’s Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. Used as an alternative to Yukon Gold, Sierra Gold offers great specialty table-stock market appeal.

Certified Sierra Gold seed is available from Cal-Ore Seed, Inc.

Many thanks to Creighton Miller and his team with the Texas A&M potato breeding and variety development program, as well as Amy Leo with Cal-Ore Seed for their help this month.


  • Krantz × Delta Gold
  • PVP applied for (No. 200200202)

Morphological Characteristics

  • Medium to small vine, medium open
  • Slightly higher stem number than Yukon Gold
  • Not sensitive to metribuzin
  • Slightly flattened, smooth, oval tubers
  • Uniform russet skin much lighter than Russet Norkotah
  • Shallow eyes distributed more heavily near the apical end
  • Eyebrows are slightly prominent
  • Yellow flesh similar to Yukon Gold
  • Low total glycoalkoloids

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Medium early maturity  Medium yield; good early yields
  • Same or slightly lower specific gravity than Yukon Gold
  • High resistance to hollow heart and brown center
  • Generally low incidence of internal and external defects
  • More resistant to common scab and black scurf than Yukon Gold
  • Some susceptibility to shatter bruise
  • Susceptible to foliar late blight
  • Less susceptible to tuber late blight, PLRV, PVX, PVY, PVS and PVM than Yukon Gold or Russet Norkotah

Culinary Quality 

  • Excellent tablestock qualities, especially as microwave product
  • Reported to be superior to Yukon Gold in fry color and combined sensory scores


  • Shorter dormancy than Yukon Gold
  • Generally stores well in commercial tests

Seed Availability 

  • Certified seed available from Cal-Ore Seed, Inc.