New Product: Zimmatic Water Pumping & Filtration Solutions

Published online: Dec 06, 2017 Irrigation, New Products
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Zimmatic by Lindsay has introduced a fully integrated line of water pumping and filtration products designed to help growers maximize the efficiency of their irrigation systems. The innovative products give growers the ability to operate a seamlessly integrated irrigation solution.

“From pumps to pivots, Zimmatic dealers continue to provide growers with cost-effective solutions to meet their unique needs,” says Christopher Higgins, Zimmatic global product manager. “All of the products are fully integrated into one system to maximize efficiency and ease of use. No one else in the industry offers that.”

The wide range of pumping solutions includes variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, which save energy, ease strain on the irrigation system and reduce maintenance costs. The panels automatically adjust pump speed to match the system demand, saving energy and water. 

“We recently added a new programmable logic controller (PLC) to our VFD pump panels,” says Higgins. “The affordable and user-friendly PLC boasts a 3.5-inch touchscreen that guides users through a start up menu, allowing for quick setup and easy-to-understand monitoring. The VFDs also can be fully integrated with FieldNET by Lindsay for continuous remote monitoring and control.”

Zimmatic’s advanced filtration solutions include sand separators, pump protection separators and pump intake screens. 

“Zimmatic filtration products are the most environmentally efficient way to remove sand and other solids from the water,” Higgins says. “The innovate products maximize water flow, reduce waste and prevent premature equipment wear.”

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