British Levity CropScience Appoints American Distributor

Published online: Dec 19, 2017 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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Lancashire, UK-based Levity CropScience has responded to the increasing demand for its smart fertilizers by naming OMEX Agrifluids USA its first distributor in the U.S.

Levity has an innovative approach to agronomy, and its specialist scientists offer tailored advice to growers, because Levity scientists understand the problems of growers and create chemical-based smart fertilizer products to solve those problems.

Levity’s Lono fertilizer range will be introduced to the American market by OMEX Agrifluids USA, based in California, where it will be marketed as Size N.

During independent trials, Size N has been proven to increase potato yields by $2,400 per acre. It is a foliar-applied product that exposes the crop to bursts of amine N, which helps to direct growth toward tuber development.

“We’re delighted to be increasing the availability of our pioneering products across the U.S. in partnership with OMEX Agrifluids USA, part of the British company, OMEX,” says Levity’s Anna Weston. “There is a clear demand for our high-quality, yield-increasing, smart fertilizers across the globe.

“All of the products are developed by ourselves and engineered to get the maximum quality, lifespan and yield for users. It has been scientifically proven that our products, such as Size N, can produce large yield increases on fruit and vegetable crops.  

“The trial results we had this year in the U.S. showed excellent yield increases on a range of crops. In essence, the 2017 trials confirmed similar levels of performance to Europe on potato crops, and yield increases of over 20 percent on strawberry and fruit crops. Ultimately, our products will help grow more crops, minimize waste, and be better for the environment. They will help increase income for hardworking American farmers.”

“OMEX Agrifluids USA is very excited about this opportunity,” says Mike Williams, CEO of OMEX Agrifluids USA. “We have been in the U.S. since 1997, and Size N and other Levity products will complement our innovative product range.

“We have been bringing scientifically proven products to the US market for over 20 years and we will continue to add to our excellent portfolio to benefit local growers.”