Simplot, Iden Team Up to Improve Potatoes

Published online: Nov 28, 2017 Articles
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Source: Iden Biotechnology

Iden Biotechnology and JR Simplot Company, companies that provide agricultural solutions through biotechnology, recently signed an agreement to explore the potential for nutritional enrichment in potatoes. As part of the agreement, Iden will identify promising genes for possible use in the biotechnology platform Innate, owned by Simplot. 

Iden will use its identification and detection platform for the development of genetic traits of agronomic relevance for major crops such as corn, wheat and potatoes, for the specific validation of candidate genes that satisfy the interests of Simplot. Iden has established other industrial collaborations for the discovery and development of varieties with genetic traits of interest in crops such as wheat and corn. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Simplot, a world leader in the agricultural sector, in potato biotech products that bring innovation and value to farmers,” says Nora Alonso, CEO of Iden. 

The agreement allows Simplot to expand the developments in its Innate platform that benefit the industry’s producers and consumers.

“Iden Biotechnology is a recognized leader in the discovery of genetic traits, and we are excited to work with them to discover new possibilities to improve the potato,” says Susan Collinge, vice president of Simplot Plant Sciences.