Product: ESN Smart Nitrogen

Published online: Nov 10, 2017 Fertilizer, New Products
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Potato growers know their crop doesn’t grow like every other crop out there. When it comes to nitrogen uptake, they’re an entirely different animal from grains, oilseeds and other crops. Potatoes like to have nitrogen in steady supply, but that’s complicated by the fact that each seed piece contains enough nitrogen for the plant for approximately the first 40 days of growth. After that, they rely on what can be found in the soil.

That means conventional nitrogen that is put down early won’t be used, leaving it to leach into the surrounding environment. Combine that with the typically sandy soils in which potatoes are grown, and you have a perfect storm for nitrogen loss when conventional nitrogen fertilizers are used.

Enter ESN, whose polymer coating prevents nitrogen loss when potatoes are using less, but provides the steady release of nitrogen they crave after that initial 40-day period. This leads to better tuber quality and higher yields. Plus, with ESN growers can reduce or eliminate the need to fertigate the crop with nitrogen, saving the hassle and cost associated with it.

While some products offer slow release or chemical inhibitors that reduce losses to the environment, ESN is the only nitrogen option that controls the release rate of nitrogen. It closely matches plant demand, making it the perfect pairing for potatoes.