New Product: ProAcqua Nutrients by Compass

Published online: Nov 09, 2017 New Products
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Compass Minerals’ plant nutrition division announces the North American launch of its water-soluble product portfolio, ProAcqua nutrients. The ProAcqua portfolio is the first line to launch in North America as a result of the Compass’s 2016 acquisition of Brazil-based Produquímica.

A uniquely formulated line of highly soluble plant nutrition, ProAcqua products are made with high-quality ingredients and proven agronomic blends that complement the way growers manage their nutritional programs. ProAcqua nutrients provide a constant source of nutrients via fertigation and seasonal foliar applications. Their ability to dissolve, degree of compatibility with most herbicides and crop protectants, performance and value are what set this product line apart.

“The addition of the ProAcqua line to our plant nutrition portfolio allows us to provide superior crop performance solutions to retailers and growers across all regions, crops and growth stages,” says Sean Knapp, vice president of commercial plant nutrition at Compass. “ProAcqua offers an excellent complement to our existing specialty plant nutrition lineup, which includes Wolf Trax DDP nutrients and Protassium+ sulfate of potash products.”

Maximum solubility of the ProAcqua products is a huge advantage to address handling, storage and application challenges posed by liquid competitors. The portfolio consists of three product families: foliar, fertigation and chelates. All 17 products are uniquely designed for these different application methods, to mitigate biotic and abiotic stress, and to improve crop growth, quality and yield. ProAcqua Nitro, Pulse and Restore are the cornerstones of the lineup, offering unparalleled performance to improve nitrogen use efficiency, nitrogen fixation in legume crops and abiotic stress mitigation for monocot crops.

Ask your agricultural retailer about ProAcqua products.