New Product: Potato Lono by Levity CropScience

Published online: Nov 28, 2017 Fertilizer, New Products
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Levity CropScience, a leading UK-based agronomy company, last week unveiled some industry-changing research at the British Potato Expo.

Based on independent field trials from 2015 to 2017, Levity has demonstrated that its Potato Lono product increases potato yields by up to $2,400 per acre. Trials were held in England, Ireland, the Netherlands and France

Potato Lono improves photosynthesis and helps crops increase carbon efficiency during times of stress, improving tuber initiation and bulking. This can result in increased tuber numbers when applied during tuber initiation, with trials showing increases of over 148,000 extra tubers per acre across various potato varieties.

“We’re excited to have revealed this groundbreaking data” says Levity’s David Marks. “Our hard work has paid off, and now growers around the world will be able to benefit from this research and our innovative application of this knowledge into unrivaled, pioneering fertilizer products.”

“Over the next few weeks, we will be attending several exhibitions to meet farmers and their advisers to highlight and discuss our results, including the fantastic benefits Levity CropScience’s products offer the farming and horticultural industries throughout the world,” says Levity’s Anne Weston. “It is another example of how our innovative company is driving research into increasing crop yields throughout the world, which will ultimately benefit both the environment and the local population.”

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