Black Gold’s Red River Valley Crop Looks Strong

Published online: Oct 05, 2017 Articles Tad Thompson, The Produce News
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It has been a strong market for red potato growers in Minnesota and Wisconsin, particularly for Black Gold Farms.

Keith Groven, fresh sales manager for Black Gold Farms, based in the Red River Valley in Grand Forks, N.D., says demand for red potatoes seems strong enough to sustain good market prices.

“I am not sure I have the crystal ball to explain it, but the demand has been outstanding for two straight months and there has been good supply,” says Groven.

Black Gold’s Red River Valley operation anticipates its reds being shipped about Oct. 15.

“It looks like we have a fantastic crop,” says Groven. “Our agronomists are in the field almost daily. The quality is spectacular, and we have good yields. We’ve had no crop disasters like last year,” which he said suffered from moisture. “We’ve not had that this season.

“Demand has seemed to be very good compared to the last couple of years,” Groven continues. “The markets reflect no fear of deterioration, and the price for growers is remarkably strong.”

Supplies were short in July, “but since Aug. 1, the overall tonnage shipped has been fantastic,” Groven says. “[Generally the industry] continues to build on that red potato brand. There are other potato categories that have seen slow degeneration, but red potato markets are at worst flat and at best growing moderately.”

Groven adds that as the Thanksgiving period approaches, the strong markets will allow for discounts to market prices for holiday promotions, without sacrificing returns to the grower.

Groven also says Black Gold Farms has completed its Indiana red potato harvest, which is packed in the Black Gold packing shed in Arbyrd, Mo.


Source: The Produce News