Albert Bartlett Varieties Marketed in North America

A leading potato brand from the UK is now exclusively offered by Robinson Fresh.

Published online: Oct 23, 2017 Articles
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Source: Business Wire

Robinson Fresh, a division of C.H. Robinson, is now the exclusive provider of Albert Bartlett potatoes in North America. Albert Bartlett is a leader in the fresh and frozen potato market for the United Kingdom, and is increasing its presence in North America with headquarters in Denver and growers across the continent.

“When we heard Albert Bartlett was looking for opportunities to further expand into the North American market, we knew we wanted to get involved,” says Michael Castagnetto, vice president of global sourcing at Robinson Fresh. “Albert Bartlett plays in a unique space in the food industry that we see as the forefront of consumer trends. The company prioritizes flavor to drive the category and provides a premium option to offer a meaningful culinary experience. As Michelin-star chefs and home cooks alike are utilizing this product, we believe this is the future direction of the produce industry.”

In this new business relationship, Robinson Fresh is focused on providing customer-based solutions across the entire supply chain, while Albert Bartlett is focused on grower relationships and product innovation. The Albert Bartlett team is bringing its potato knowledge and history in the UK to North America to create a new eating experience for this part of the world.

“We wanted to work with someone who understands and can simplify the complexities associated with the North American produce market while appreciating the care we put into each potato,” says Steve Barker, vice president at Albert Bartlett. “When the Bartlett family started this company, it was done with a passion to share with the world what a high-quality potato could and should taste like. In working with Robinson Fresh, we’re helping to share a UK favorite with the rest of the world. We look forward to continuing to expand our Albert Bartlett offerings.”

Albert Bartlett offers exclusive potato varieties that are grown, stored, packaged and delivered with a quality-first mindset. The company is most known for the Albert Bartlett Rooster variety, a red potato marketed as “Ireland’s favorite potato.” The Rooster can stand up to a number of cooking methods while maintaining its flavor profile.