New Product: Valley Irrigation Run Time App

Published online: Aug 29, 2017 Irrigation, New Products
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Valley Irrigation continues to provide irrigators with the necessary tools for easy entry into technology. With the launch of the new Valley Irrigation Run Time app, growers can now easily calculate their pivot irrigation cycle time and eliminate the need for handwritten calculations.

This free app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is a calculation-driven tool that allows growers to see pivot irrigation cycle time completion, when each machine is running, and how long it will take to complete the irrigation interval. Valley Irrigation Run Time is not limited to use with Valley brand center pivots; it can be used in conjunction with any brand of pivot.

“This app will reduce inefficiencies and eliminate miscalculations,” says Valley product manager Ashley Anderson. “Nearly every grower already carries a smartphone, so it just makes sense that they can use it to monitor and track all of their irrigation machines. It’s another digital tool for the grower’s irrigation management toolbox.”

The app does not communicate with the irrigation machines themselves; rather, the grower simply and quickly enters pertinent data, such as start time and percent timer, and the Run Time app will complete the calculation to estimate the end time. Growers can check on their run time anytime and from anywhere, ensuring they get back to their pivots at the right time, every time. They can also keep a running log of pivot run time notes to refer back to time and time again.

“We had customers asking for an app like this, so they would always have pivot run time information with them on their smartphones,” says Valley vice president of global marketing Matt Ondrejko. “Not everyone wants complete monitoring and control of their pivots from their phones, but they do want the ability to accurately track irrigation run time. This is another way that Valley continues to focus on our growers’ needs, no matter what brand of pivot they use.”

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