New Product: Martin Senour Industrial Maintenance Coatings

Available at NAPA stores, these coatings are designed for multiple types of construction, equipment, agricultural and industrial applications.

Published online: Aug 07, 2017 New Products
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Agricultural professionals know the importance of protecting their equipment investments. To keep maintenance cycles simple and effective, Martin Senour Paints has introduced Industrial Maintenance Coatings (IMC) DTM acrylic enamel—a high-gloss, 100 percent acrylic, waterborne, corrosion-resistant coating for light to moderate industrial use. Designed for high performance in agricultural facilities, IMC DTM acrylic enamel can be applied directly over a variety of properly prepared substrates as an excellent protective coating. IMC features strong chemical and corrosion resistance, provides outstanding adhesion and moisture resistance, and is fast-drying with low odor.

Suitable substrates for IMC DTM acrylic enamel include steel, iron, aluminum, galvanized steel, concrete, masonry, wood, zinc-rich primers, cement board and fiber board. It is recommended for use on a number of applications including ornamental iron, tanks and cylinders, steel fabricated parts, industrial, construction and farm equipment, metal buildings, piping, hand rails and select marine structures.

Available in 14 popular factory-packaged colors (standard, safety and basic equipment), they dry to the touch in 15 to 30 minutes and are easy to apply through either brush or spray application. 

IMC products are available at NAPA Auto Parts stores.

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