Products: Agrinos Biostimulant Platform

Published online: Jul 26, 2017 New Products
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Agrinos’ biostimulant platform, which includes the B Sure and Agrinos 5-0-0 product lines, delivers complex nutrient solutions that support healthy plant function across a variety of crops and growing conditions.

B Sure products (marketed as HYT B outside the U.S.) are unique nutrient solutions that increase the activity of multiple critical metabolic and photosynthetic pathways in the crop. The nutrients found in B Sure—including carbon, nitrogen, true protein, free amino acids and other micronutrients—are essential to plant development and are known to boost plant metabolism, stimulate root growth, and support plant health and vigor during critical growth stages. B Sure products also provide a source of nitrogen that is highly bioavailable and complements inorganic nitrogen. Use of B Sure improves a plant’s capacity to resist stressful growing conditions, such as drought and excessive heat or cold, to support improved yields.

Agrinos 5-0-0 products (marketed as HYT C outside the U.S.) are nutrient powders derived from organic, biologically extracted chitin, which supports crop productivity and soil health. When applied to the soil, Agrinos 5-0-0 promotes a robust soil microbial environment and interacts with the plant to increase crop productivity through faster field establishment and higher nutrient uptake. Use of Agrinos 5-0-0 has been shown to improve root structure, strengthen plant abiotic stress response functions and enhance soil health.

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