New Product: McFarlane Cobra Vertical Tillage Tool

Published online: Jul 31, 2017 New Products
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McFarlane introduces a new model, the Cobra, to its lineup of Reel Disks. In addition to all of the features of McFarlane’s 4100 Series Reel Disks, the Cobra models feature their own unique set of disk blades and combine a highly aggressive cutting ability coupled with outstanding durability in a true vertical tillage tool.

“The Reel Disk helped pioneer the practice of vertical tillage more than a decade ago, and demand for the product remains strong,” says Stan McFarlane, vice president of McFarlane Manufacturing Co. “The new Cobra Models give even more options for growers facing the future challenges of BT corn residue and tough soil conditions. The individual design and engineering efforts of McFarlane and Ingersoll have resulted in a brand new model of a proven, trusted tool.”

Cobra Reel Disk models feature Ingersoll disk blades in both standard and heavy-duty sizes. Available in working widths from 12 to 45 feet, the 4100 Series Reel Disks offer hydraulically adjustable gangs from 5 to 13 degrees followed by a Dura-Reel that cross-cuts residue and mixes it into the soil, aiding decomposition. The versatile finishing options ensure accurate seed depth and seed-to-soil contact at planting, resulting in even emergence and therefore better yields.

McFarlane also offers a Cobra update kit to enable converting older 4000 and 4100 Series Reel Disks to the new configurations.

“The new Cobra Models are a direct result of requests from current users of the Reel Disk,” says McFarlane sales manager Norm Burgeson. “Not only are the Cobras available as new units from the factory, but the kits offer the potential for thousands of existing units to be updated to achieve the most aggressive cutting ability coupled with the strength and toughness to perform in rocky and extreme, hard soil conditions.”

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