New Product: American-Newlong Packing Solutions

Published online: Jul 25, 2017 Articles, New Products
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American-Newlong’s EC-201 robotic palletizer features a payload capacity of 440 pounds with a palletizing capacity of 1,600 cycles per hour. It palletizes bags, cases, pails and other products. The A1-PB and DS-9C bag-closing system sews any bag ranging from paper bags, to woven PP/PE, to cloth bags. The NP-7A is an economical, high-speed portable bag closer that can operate at 1,700 to 1,900 rpm for agricultural, animal feed, fertilizer, flour and other pellet or powder material. 

American-Newlong, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment and is a distributor of Fuji Ace robotic palletizers. American-Newlong’s line of equipment includes sewing machines, twist-tying machines, tape-tying machines, heat sealers, and semi-automated to fully automated packaging systems that weigh, pack, close, check weigh, distribute and palletize

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