Low-Carb Potato Catching on in New Zealand

Published online: Jul 05, 2017 Articles
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A New Zealand low-carbohydrate potato has been on the market for just a few weeks, but it is already proving to be a major success.

T & G Global says it discovered the new variety, which has been labeled the Lotato, by chance.

“It was bred in Holland by cross-pollinating two existing varieties of potatoes,” says T & G executive general manager Andrew Keaney. “They were cross-pollinated because they were high-yielding, they had really good appearance and really good flavor. As a natural occurrence, quite by chance, it was found they were 40 percent lower in carbs. When we compare the Lotato, we compare with two commonly known varieties, Agria and Rua. They weren specifically bred to be low-carb; it was just by chance.”

T & G Global says it had noticed a trend of people turning away from high-carb products, including potatoes.

“People say they have stopped eating potatoes because of the carbs; they can feel full and tired,” Keaney says. “Those who have tried the Lotato say they don’t feel full and they have a lot more energy after they have eaten. It is an easier product to digest.”

Lotatoes are only available in New Zealand, but T & G Global has received a number of inquiries from overseas, including the UK, Europe and Uruguay. But Keaney says it is mostly from New Zealand growers who want to purchase the seed to grow Lotatoes themselves.

The company has supply of the Lotato until the end of August and is currently planting its next crop, which is expected to be harvested in October. It has an exclusive agreement with the Countdown supermarket chain, and Keaney says this product ticks all the boxes in terms of health and taste.

“We were worried that we were growing too much as an initial launch,” says Keaney. “Now we are generally struggling to keep up with demand. It’s created a lot of hype. I think the name Lotato has caught the imagination, and people want to give it a go. It’s a flavorsome, all-purpose potato.”


Source: Fresh Plaza