Little Potato Company Impacts Local Economy

Published online: Jul 28, 2017 Articles
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The Little Potato Company, the world’s largest supplier of creamer potatoes, opened the doors to its newly built $20 million dollar facility in DeForest, Wis., Thursday.

Officials at the company say it’s a big deal because the new facility will allow for the expansion of the company’s potatoes to be sold at over 38,000 grocery stores nationwide, paving the way for job opportunities, both directly with the company and indirectly.

Angela Santiago, the company’s CEO and co-founder, says the best part of her job is knowing the positive impact the business is having on people. She says the easiest way to do that is by simply talking with employees.

“I remember going and visiting one of our farms, and there were some people working in a storage facility for potatoes,” says Santiago. “And a young man came up to me and said, ‘Do you understand the impact you’ve had? I have a job and my home because you decided to set up here.’ That’s huge. You really don’t feel the impact until you talk to people whose lives you’ve made a difference in.”

Santiago says the best part is that the jobs aren’t limited to the company, either. There were people working construction who built the facility, and people moved to be closer to the facility, which helped the local economy pick up, because a larger population creates more demand for things.

The company says it is currently hiring third-shift employees for its plant, along with several other positions. Anyone in the area interested in a job with the Little Potato Company can check out a list of job openings here.


Source: WAOW