Cavendish Improves Its P.E.I. Storage

Published online: Jul 25, 2017 Articles
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Canadian potato processor Cavendish Farms is investing in major potato storage upgrades at its french fry plant in New Annan, Prince Edward Island. The company is building two new potato storage facilities, capable of storing 22,000 tons of potatoes.

“I think this helps ensure the plants get better-quality potatoes, especially through those long storage months of July, August, and September,” says Jubs Bristow, vice president of agriculture at Cavendish Farms. “So this will help the french fry plants produce better-quality products.”

Bristow says the buildings under construction are meant to replace six outdated ones, which are 50 to 60 years old, are poorly insulated, and lack adequate refrigeration and airflow.

“Currently, we’ve been using numerous older style buildings in different locations through the central part of the Island, which are now just past their use date and just no longer efficient for the volume of potatoes we’re wanting to store,” says Bristow.

The new potato storage facilities will use 35 percent less fossil fuel than the ones they are replacing.


Source: Potato Pro