Product: Simplot GAL-XeONE Controlled Release Fertilizer

Published online: Jun 05, 2017 Fertilizer, New Products
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Simplot’s GAL-XeONE controlled release fertilizer was recognized at the 33rd annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., on April 8 for innovating the way fertilizer nutrients are released in a controlled manner.

The product uses an innovative polymer coating for its controlled release capability developed by Florikan, LLC and its founder Ed Rosenthal. The J.R. Simplot Company purchased the technology in 2012 and has helped create an international distribution channel for the fertilizer.

Florikan was inducted as an “Innovating Organization” into the Space Technology Hall of Fame at the ceremony. In addition, Simplot was recognized with a commendation for the significant role it has played in allowing worldwide distribution of GAL-XeONE, thus providing access of the product and its many benefits. 
“GAL-XeONE is an example of the innovative ideas and out-of-box thinking that we need as we explore ways to feed a growing world,” said Jeff Roesler, vice president of Simplot’s specialty business unit team. “We congratulate Ed and the Florikan team for this and are thrilled that they are part of the Simplot team.”

Simplot GAL-XeONE polymer coating effectively controls nutrient release over an extended period of time—up to 18 months in nursery, turf, horticulture, specialty agriculture and landscaping applications. This exacting technology provides predictable release of plant nutrients throughout the growing cycle, a critical component in planning nutrient management. It also makes it the perfect crop input to use in unique settings, like that in the turf and horticulture industries and even specialty agriculture.

Clients have embraced GAL-XeONE, and a new web-based application was recently introduced by Simplot to plot the release-timing of nutrients based on the product applied, regional weather and application rates. The easy-to-use GAL-XeONE CURVE program allows for effective nutrient planning through a user-friendly interface for the turf, landscape, specialty agriculture and horticultural industries and is the next step in ensuring clients maximize the effectiveness of GAL-XeONE. 

Source: The J.R. Simplot Company