Isagro to Market Vestaron’s Spear-T

Published online: Jun 16, 2017 Articles, New Products
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Isagro USA, Inc. has signed an agreement to market Vestaron Corporation’s Spear-T biological insecticide for use on greenhouse vegetables in the U.S.

Under the terms of the agreement, Isagro will immediately begin marketing Spear-T in the U.S. as an effective and environmentally conscious choice for th control of the greenhouse vegetable industry’s toughest pests—thrips, whiteflies and spider mites.

“Building a dynamic portfolio of biological and organic crop protection in addition to plant-beneficial nutrient products has been our priority for several years in the United States,” says Isagro executive chairman John Paul Du Pre.

Spear-T has proven to be highly effective on target pests, and by nature of its design is non-toxic to honeybees, fish, birds, humans and other mammals. Field trials of Spear-T demonstrate results equivalent or superior to many conventional control insecticides.

“Spear-T is a biological insecticide that delivers a novel bio-control solution in a quality formulation for a high degree of consistency and targeted whitefly, thrips and spider mite control,” says Du Pre. “Spear-T is a perfect fit with the Isagro bio-solutions portfolio of crop protection and nutrient products.”

The product’s active ingredient utilizes a new mode of action to control insects, making Spear-T an excellent fit in a chemical resistance and/or integrated pest management program. It also has a four-hour re-entry interval and zero-day post-harvest interval to maximize grower flexibility.

“We are pleased to be teaming with Isagro to bring this product to greenhouse vegetable growers,” says Vestaron CEO and president John Sorenson. “Isagro impressed us with its bio-solutions portfolio and Spear-T fits well with their strategy.”