Effectively Irrigating Corners

Published online: Jun 19, 2017 Articles, Irrigation, New Products
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The key to higher-quality crops comes down to uniformity, and that means achieving an even distribution of water over the entire corner of a field. It’s necessary to have control over each nozzle across the boom to get this level of uniformity, so that each nozzle pulses the right amount at the right time to distribute water evenly. 

Trimble Irrigate-IQ uniform corner, now available from Valley dealers, is the first irrigation technology of its kind to achieve this level of uniformity in irrigation.

A recent test showed that Irrigate-IQ uniform corner can achieve a level of accuracy within 7 percent of standard depth, delivering the most uniform application on the market.

Even-water distribution achieved by the Irrigate-IQ uniform corner gives growers an average of 24 to 45 acres per 130 acres of workable land back.

The Irrigate-IQ uniform corner controls each nozzle on the corner arm, with each nozzle able to pulse individually according to a custom-designed prescription to distribute the right amount of water in the right places on your field. The system can be installed during construction of a new center pivot, or through an aftermarket purchase.

This irrigation technology provides three key benefits to growers:

1. Crop Quality

Growers who have switched to this technology have found the biggest area of improvement to be in their crop quality. Having an equal distribution of water across a corner makes ground more usable and the quality of crop more consistent.


2. Accessibility

Any grower with center pivot irrigation can benefit from this technology to get more out of his or her field. This solution is affordable and easy to install with convenient “set it and forget it” technology, making it a great fit for operations of any size to increase and improve their yields in problem corner areas.


3. Reliability

Count on Irrigate-IQ uniform corner and its industry-leading, three-way vent that ensures the system performs reliably all season long. The rugged, fully sealed housing prevents clogging and blockage, even when pumping unwanted debris. Plus, the valves default to the open position, so water will always flow, even during unexpected system events.



Source: Valley Irrigation