Velum One Nematicide Gets New Registrations

Wide-spectrum nematicide now available in California and Arizona

Published online: Apr 07, 2017 Insecticide
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Horticulture crops in California and Arizona can now be protected by Bayer's Velum One, a wide-spectrum nematicide that increases root health and suppresses key diseases.

“We’re excited to see Velum One go to work for growers in the key horticultural areas of California and Arizona,” Bayer product manager says Joel Lipsitch. “It’s another example of the innovation that our growers have come to expect from Bayer.”

Velum One suppresses nematodes below-ground but also works by moving upward from the roots into the leaves of the plant to suppress key diseases and promote early season crop establishment. This activity has been shown to protect roots and establish the crop by limiting damage from a wide range of nematodes and key diseases, such as powdery mildew.

Trials have shown that Velum One aids in increasing yields as it protects plants from nematodes and disease.

“In tomatoes, for example, we’re seeing significant yield increases both from Velum One versus untreated and more importantly when Velum is added to grower-standard programs” says Lipsitch. “The combination of nematode and disease control really gives growers confidence that they are maximizing their yields and returns on investment.”

Velum One is applied early in the growing season via drip chemigation. While it’s not meant to replace a fumigant, Velum One is most effective when used as part of a complete nematode management program.

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