The Smorgasbord: Manistee

Published online: Apr 02, 2017 Seed Potatoes, Smorgasbord
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This article appears in the May 2016 issue of Potato Grower.

This month, the Smorgasbord takes a look at Manistee, a chip processing variety developed by Michigan State University and the MSU AgBioResearch. Manistee grows attractive round tubers with shallow eyes and has performed well in short- and long-term storage. Many thanks to David Douches and Joseph Coombs at Michigan State for sharing this information on Manistee.



  • Snowden × MSH098-2


Morphological Characteristics

  • Full-sized vine, semi-erect with balance between stems and foliage visible
  • Round tubers with lightly netted, tan-colored skin
  • Creamy white flesh with low incidence of internal defects


Agronomic Characteristics

  • Medium- to early-season maturity similar to Atlantic
  • Above average yield
  • Specific gravity equivalent to Snowden in Michigan
  • No specific disease resistance
  • Similar or better black spot bruise tolerance than Snowden


Storage Characteristics

  • Excellent chip processing quality from short- through long-term storage
  • Medium dormancy comparable to Atlantic