New Product: FarmFocus with Grower Profile

Published online: Apr 21, 2017 New Products
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Following Farm Market iD’s February introduction of FieldVision, its powerful mobile data-delivery platform, the company announced this week its newest online product release, FarmFocus with Grower Profile.

“We are very excited about the new FarmFocus with Grower Profile launch,” says Farm Market iD CEO Steve Rao. “This is a product release that has been carefully developed in consultation with our leading ag clients. It was designed to highlight sales and marketing opportunities from the vast amount of FMiD data to make it obvious and actionable. It provides agri-marketing teams, business intelligence groups and sales organizations the power to find farms and growers, analyze their entire operation, and have the current contact information for the growers, all with a few simple key strokes.”

FarmFocus, one of the leading online resources for grower and cropland data, has been upgraded to incorporate new features and capabilities, including the new Grower Profile.

In addition to continuing to provide online access to the leading farm/farmer database covering 2 million farmers and 300 million acres of crops, FarmFocus with Grower Profile now incorporates user-friendly interfaces with mapping, charts, graphs, and search and export functionality.

Within the Grower Profile section, users can:

  • View field-level detail and the past eight years of crop rotation history.
  • Link to the location of each farm field on the map.
  • View individual grower records, or groups of prospects and/or matched customers.
  • View record counts by state and county, grower contact information, and detailed producer profiles, including related growers and entities.
  • Create comments and save notes on individual records and view comments added from other FMiD applications.
  • Gain more knowledge about farm customers and find new prospects, allowing for new revenue growth. 

“This newest release from FMiD offers ag marketers a truly comprehensive data access tool to help take business planning, marketing and sales to the next level,” says Rao.