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Tractor Buyers’ Guide

Published online: Jan 01, 2016 Potato Equipment
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More than any other piece of equipment, it’s probably safe to say tractors are the very essence of farming. They are there for planting, harvest and just about everything in between, powerful, untiring and uncomplaining. Climb on up and have a look at some of the very best the industry has to offer.




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PIC: MT900E_Series

Challenger MT900E

Three articulated models of AGCO Challenger MT900E Series tractors match robust AGCO Power 16.8-liter diesel engines from 490 to 590 rated engine horsepower and 529 to 637 maximum engine horsepower with enhanced hydraulic capacity, delivering the perfect union of efficient power and capability. Dual twin turbochargers with interstage-charge air coolers and electronic wastegate control contribute to outstanding torque at low RPMs.

All MT900E Series tractors feature AP168-4 diesel engines built just for agriculture. Features include ample horsepower, a sustained torque curve, high-flow hydraulics, smooth PTO engagement and a robust three-point hitch. Additionally, fully integrated auto guidance technology and deluxe cab upgrades reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity.


PIC: Massey

Massey Ferguson 7700

The 7700 Series includes nine models ranging from 140 to 255 maximum engine horsepower and a choice of three available transmissions. Turbochargers are featured with new electronic wastegates to anticipate power needs, providing high torque at all RPMs. The Engine Power Management system delivers a power boost of up to 25 horsepower in PTO, hydraulic and transport applications.

Additional enhancements include a new engine control unit for precise operations, a new throttle valve for faster warm-ups, and a higher-pressure fuel injection system that delivers cleaner combustion, eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter. The new Cyclair cooling package enhances cooling efficiency without increasing system size.


PIC: Fendt_700

Fendt 700

Fendt 700 Series tractors by AGCO feature a wide range of applications designed to fit the needs of growers who demand the best in innovation, engineering and technology to increase their farm’s efficiency and productivity. The new 700 Series includes six models, all with a Tier 4 Final six-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum engine horsepower from 145 to 240 for a broad range of farm work.

A front PTO and three-point hitch, power flow through a continuously variable transmission, class-leading hydraulic capacity and the world-class Fendt Variotronic electronic interface are all included in this series. Other improvements for operator comfort and control in the 700 Series include cutting-edge PTO engineering, which allows implements to be driven at reduced engine speeds, new windshield wipers on the VisioPlus cab that have a 300-degree wiping field, and new LED headlamps with leveling ability.

Case IH

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Magnum Rowtrac

PIC: Magnum 380 CVT Rowtrac_05R160_05-14_mr

No one tractor solution can fit every grower’s needs. But if you’re a potato producer in a region with challenging soil types, putting tracks on the ground could be your best option for in-field power.

The Magnum Rowtrac from Case IH builds on 20 years of leadership in independent-track technology. Three models—the 310, 340 and the 380—provide options for use in soil conditions requiring better flotation and reduced compaction.

Magnum Rowtrac tractors are designed to strike the perfect balance, with tire options that fit your row spacing and soil type and an oscillating rear-track design that keeps the power on the ground through the tightest turns. This system enhances maneuverability, reduces berming and improves operator control of the tractor.

When timing is critical, the Magnum Rowtrac helps better manage wet conditions, delivering superior flotation and traction in all field operations whether tilling, planting, seeding or harvesting.


1000 Series

PIC: challenger-1000-series-hhp-tractor-ripper-img-9715

Challenger 1000 Series tractors are a single solution for heavy draft and row crop work. They combine the power of a small-frame, articulated four-wheel drive with the flexibility and speed of a lighter-weight, fixed-frame row crop machine. Four models are available from 396 to 517 engine horsepower, weighing 31,204 to 50,706 pounds.

Powered by six-cylinder, 12.4-liter MAN engines with VTG turbochargers, 1000 Series tractors operate in the maximum torque range for efficient power with low fuel consumption. Challenger Accu-VT continuously variable transmission with variable four-wheel drive allows both axles to be driven independently.

Evergreen Implement

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John Deere Tractors

PIC: 8R Series Tractor_8R-0005

Evergreen Implement is the leading potato equipment dealership in Washington and the leading John Deere dealership in the Columbia Basin.

The John Deere 8R/8RT Series tractors leave no room for compromise. Intuitive and powerful, these machines have engines with up to 370 horsepower that’s surprisingly efficient and smart while delivering necessary torque. John Deere engines are also Tier IV compliant.

Evergreen has a large inventory of prior year 8R and 8RT lease-return tractors, most of which have few hours and are still under warranty. They are available in engine horsepower from 245 to 370. A few track tractors are also available. John Deere precision farming helps growers create a perfect line during planting and harvesting, providing hands-free driving so operators can keep an eye on the planter or digger.

JCB Agriculture

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Fastrac 8000 Series

PIC: A_FST_8000_27

JCB recently launched two new powerful models of its Fastrac tractor range. The new 8000 Series tractors add to the appeal and performance of the range and feature:

  • More power and torque from engines that meet Tier 4 Final emissions, increasing performance potential;
  • The all-new Command Plus cab with improved comfort and all-around visibility;
  • Sharp hood styling with improved forward visibility and improved lighting;
  • New, fully hydrostatic, high-speed approved dual steer with optional Rapid Steer;
  • New tire options that increase supplier choice;
  • New heavy-duty axle components that facilitate track width of up to 10 feet.

The new tractors—the 8290 and 8330—build on the response to JCB’s new 160- to 235-horsepower Fastrac 4000 Series, which is already gaining ground in the marketplace.


Kubota Tractor Corporation

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PIC: KubotaM5660SU_BucketLift_2248

Kubota’s M5660SU tractor offers enhanced features to tackle a wide range of jobs around the farm. Available in two- and four-wheel-drive models, the 56-horsepower M5660SU comes equipped with electronic common rail system direct fuel injection for better fuel economy. New to the category, the hydraulic shuttle lets operators shift smoothly and quickly from forward to reverse for efficient loader work. Drivers can enjoy ergonomically designed controls and a high-back bucket seat with lumbar support. A telescopic lower link, rear remote valve and high-lift loader all come standard, letting operators do more in less time.


Mahindra USA

2500 Series Tractors

PIC: Mahindra 2555

Mahindra USA introduces its significantly upgraded 2500 series tractors, featuring Mahindra’s exclusive mCRD technology, a uniquely designed Tier IV solution. The 2500 Series is a perfect utility tractor for large farm operations. They are ideal for moving hay, tilling and managing livestock and produce operations.

The newly updated Tier IV-compliant 2500 series tractors get bigger jobs done faster, and the mCRD engine means less noise and maintenance, lower cost and more reliability. The 2555 (55 horsepower) model is available in four configurations with either a cab or open station option along with a choice of 12×12 synchronized shuttle or three range, twin-pedal, hydrostatic transmission. The 2540 (40 horsepower) is available in an open station with shuttle transmission, and the 2565 (65 horsepower) is available with a cab and shuttle transmission.

McCormick International

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X7 Series

PIC: X7 Series

McCormick’s X7 Series offers four models of high-horsepower tractors ranging from 143 to 212 engine horsepower.

This lineup features powerful, efficient Betapower diesel engines that meet EPA Tier 4i emissions requirements. These clean power plants boast simple and reliable SCR technology that maximizes engine performance while reducing fuel consumption.

The advanced Pro Drive Power 24-speed transmission is fully automated for convenient, push-button operation of all gears and ranges. An interactive dot matrix display allows the operator to customize the tractor’s operation to meet the specific needs of the job at hand.

The large, comfortable four-post cab sits up high to offer excellent visibility in all directions. The ergonomic layout of tractor controls keeps operation simple and intuitive, which reduces fatigue and increases productivity during long working days on the farm.


PIC: X4 Series

X4 Series

McCormick X4 Series utility tractors are built to work hard on the farm. they are suited for hay, dairy, livestock and general on-the-farm use. Six models range from 64 to 107 engine horsepower and feature powerful four-cylinder Deutz diesel engines. These clean-burning diesels are Tier 4i-compliant with no-maintenance emissions—no adding fluid and no exhaust filter to regenerate.

Customers can choose two- or four-wheel-drive, cab or ROPS configurations. The rugged 12×12 transmission offers a simple synchro shuttle or a high performance power shuttle. All models come standard with 540/1000 PTO, high-flow hydraulics, and a Category 2 rear three-point hitch.

New Holland

NHDrive Concept Autonomous Tractor

PIC: T8 NHDrive Autonomous Concept Tractor

New Holland’s concept NHDrive is a fully autonomous, unmanned tractor that can be monitored and controlled via a desktop computer or portable tablet interface while allowing growers to maintain full control and ownership of data.

A path-plotting screen shows the tractor’s progress while another shows its live camera feed. A further screen enables monitoring and modification of key machine and implement parameters. The route to the field can also be planned, should this involve private roads or tracks. Using an application installed on a portable device, tractor and implement parameters can be continually monitored and controlled, and changes can be made if necessary

The NHDrive concept tractor is equipped with a cab completely identical to that of a standard New Holland T8. This means it can also be used for those operations where complete autonomy is not yet possible, such as front loader work and high-speed road transport.


Trelleborg Wheel Systems

(866) 633-8473

Agricultural Tires

PIC: BLUE_3D_-Trelleborg_AdobeCMYK-trans

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a global supplier of tires and complete wheels for agricultural and forestry machines, forklift trucks and other material handling equipment. The company provides highly specialized solutions to create added value for customers.  Trelleborg’s unique tractor tire technology is able to transfer the entire engine power to the ground, along with the torque driven by the latest breed of transmissions. Doing so boosts tractos’ traction capability. Trelleborg tires provide the widest footprint in the industry, offering premium flotation and lower soil compaction, thereby minimizing crop loss through farming operations. Reduced rolling resistance also results in lower fuel consumption and significantly lower emissions.