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Published in the April 2015 Issue Published online: Apr 30, 2015 New Products
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Mitas Very High Flexion Tires

Mitas introduces three new sizes of its Very High Flexion (VF) tires, the VF 600/70R30 HC 2000, the VF 710/70R42 HC 2000, and the VF 380/105R54 HC 2000.

Mitas VF 600/70R30 HC 2000 and VF 710/70R42 HC 2000 are designed for high-horsepower tractors. Mitas VF 710/70R42 has a “B” speed category, allowing speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, boasting a maximum load of over 17,000 pounds. When compared with a standard tire, the VF tire enables 40 percent more load.

The VF tire’s main advantage is maintaining constant tire pressure at any speed. The VF’s larger footprint leads to less soil compaction and increased mobility under difficult and wet soil conditions. The special feature of the Mitas VF rated tires is the highly flexible sidewall allowing for an extended footprint competing shoulder-to-shoulder with the ever popular rubber tracks. 

Eco Agro N Yield 

Eco Agro Resources introduces a new stabilizer product, the latest breakthrough against the loss of nitrogen fertilizer. It combines the world’s most proven nitrogen stabilizer ingredient with the power of PENXCEL technology for unsurpassed performance.

Application in freezing weather using cold fertilizer and ice-cold steel equipment can cause problems when using nitrogen fertilizer. To solve this, Eco Agro has developed N Yield AZ, a high-performance nitrogen stabilizer formulation that stays liquid even at freezing. It coats fast and consistently in the blender, and it gives growers reliable protection for their nitrogen investment.

The new, patent-pending N Yield AZ formulation was created to stay liquid at zero (AZ) using PENXCEL technology that contains unique anti-freeze additives. It delivers excellent performance not only in cold weather, but also under tough field conditions. N Yield AZ with PENXCEL technology penetrates deeper into granular urea and provides consistent coverage throughout the blend. It conditions as it coats. The benefit is as much as 25 percent less time in the blender than the industry standard. Its water-free formula doesn't add moisture to the fertilizer or to equipment, keeping the blend as free-flowing as possible.

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Horsch Joker HD

The new Joker HD from Horsch LLC adds to the proven line of the Joker RT Series. The Joker HD features larger disc blades, making it a specialist for shallow fall tillage in areas of high residue and extreme soil conditions.

The most noticeable change is the increased disc diameter. With a 24-inch blade, the Joker HD is able to quickly size and blend residue down to a maximum operating depth of 6 inches. The larger diameter blades continue to be mounted in pairs, resulting in greater residue flow and increased stability of the blade angles. The 24-inch discs have also moved to a six-bolt hub on a newly designed, heavier bearing. The increased distance between the two rows of discs gives the residue and soil additional time to reach the surface to be cut a second time, ensuring the residue is sized properly to accelerate the decomposition process.

To maintain even working depths across the machine, the Joker HD is equipped with a pressurized accumulator system, adding down pressure to the wings while maintaining flexibility for rolling terrain. Depth setting is controlled via a single point on the frame or through the tractor cab with the electronic depth control option. Gauge wheel adjustments have also been simplified by making them completely adjustable via a hydraulic cylinder or from the cab.

Orders are currently being taken for the fall 2015 release of the Joker HD in 20-, 30- and 40-foot working widths.

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Eagle Packaging Machinery

Eagle Packaging Machinery teamed up with WeighPack Systems to custom-build a complete packaging solution to fill and seal stand-up pouches; erect, load and seal cases; then palletize for ship-ready containers. From product to pallet, this fully automated system solution is designed to maximize overall productivity while reducing labor cost.

Alongside WeighPack’s auger filler and horizontal bagger, the system consists of Eagle’s Boxxer T12 case erector, automatic Drop Packer, EZ-Tape case sealer and Z.Zag palletizer.

The Boxxer T12 erects and tapes 12 cases per minute, then transfers to the box indexing machine. The box indexer ensures cases are ready and waiting for the signal that the bags can be loaded. While cases are formed and indexed, product is weighed and filled into stand-up pouches. Bags are then indexed and arranged in alternating patterns in preparation for case loading. Once the case is in position, bags are dropped directly into the case. The full box is then transferred to the EZ-Tape case sealer. Once the sealed case exits the system, it is picked up by the Z.Zag palletizer and transferred to a pallet ready for shipping.

Drastically reduce manual labor and improve efficiency with this completely automated solution. Contact Eagle Packaging Machinery at  

Valley Irrigation Exchange

Valley Irrigation is taking the first step toward creating unified farm management with Irrigation Exchange, cutting-edge technology embedded in the Valley BaseStation3 irrigation remote control and monitoring product. Irrigation Exchange enables growers to share precision irrigation data with complementary management systems and make informed water application decisions.

Valley Irrigation is working with industry-leading seed companies, equipment manufacturers and agronomy service providers to synchronize irrigation with other critical and interdependent farm operations. This integration leads to data-driven irrigation decisions that increase efficiency, production and profits. Irrigation Exchange allows growers to actively control their irrigation equipment from within other farm management platforms, eliminating the need to log into or switch between multiple systems.

With the ever increasing demand on limited resources, Irrigation Exchange puts the grower in command of the most powerful stream of irrigation data ever developed. Growers can leverage that integrated information to develop a strategy that will increase yields and produce economic benefits.
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Worksaver Sweep Action Rock Grapple

Worksaver Inc. introduces the new Sweep Action Rock Grapple (SARG) for skid-steer loaders designed for handling rocks, brush, logs, stumps, debris, scraps and more. The patent-pending design allows operators to sort large or small rocks and debris with just one tool. Two models are available: the SARG-72 features an overall width of 72 inches while the SARG-84 offers 84 inches of overall width. 

The front grapples operate in a sweeping action to pull rocks or debris into the bucket for easy site cleanup. Grapple design then retains the rocks or debris while the operator rocks the attachment to sift out the dirt. Grapples work independently of each other, allowing the SARG to clamp loads that are uneven. Bolt-on side plates can be removed, revealing cutouts to help handle logs and stumps.   

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Kubota M7 Series

Kubota debuts three new mid-range tractors in the 130- to 170-horsepower range, the highest horsepower offering in Kubota’s tractor lineup to date. Available in limited quantities at select Kubota dealerships later this year, the M7 Series includes three workhorse models: the M7-131, M7-151 and M7-171, each featuring powerful performance, easy operation, technological advances, sophisticated styling and best-in-class base weight, making it a top choice for row-crop, commercial livestock and hay market customers. Bringing efficient precision farming to the market in an operator-friendly way, the M7 Series is designed with an ISOBUS management system with auto guidance and an easy-to-use touchscreen performance monitor.

Exmark 500S, 700S UTVs

Exmark has expanded its 2015 product line to include two side-by-side UTV models. The new models deliver the productivity professionals demand with switch-on-the-fly two- or four-wheel drive, and a customizable two-in-one tilting cargo box that transforms from box to flatbed in minutes.

Ideal for a wide variety of work or recreation activities, including hauling, pulling, plowing, riding or playing, the new Exmark 500S and 700S UTVs feature a dual-range automatic transmission. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) design responds to inputs including vehicle speed, load and engine RPM in real time to deliver optimal acceleration and fuel efficiency. The 700S adds an electric locking front differential for maximum traction and pulling power regardless of conditions.

The 700S has a total payload capacity of 1,500 pounds (1,100 pounds for the 500S). Integrated front and rear two-inch receivers give users the ability to hook up trailers or attachments at either end of the machine.

The machines feature four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and dual A-arm front and rear suspension with 10 inches of travel and 10 inches of ground clearance. The fully independent suspension provides exceptional ground clearance, allowing the Exmark UTVs to traverse virtually any terrain with confidence. The 700S also features upgraded alloy wheels.

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