Meetings on Insect-Vectored Pathogens

Scheduled for mid-May

Published online: Apr 01, 2015 Insecticide
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May 14 through 20, at the historic Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, Calif., leading international scientists, extension specialists, and agricultural industry professionals will convene to discuss the latest findings in thrips and tospovirus biology, ecology and management. Two consecutive meetings will explore the latest research in insect-vectored plant pathogens, their impacts, and innovative strategies for risk assessment and management.

The first meeting will be a participatory workshop entitled β€œEnhancing Risk Index-Driven Decision Tools for Managing Insect Transmitted Plant Pathogens.” The meeting will convene experts in modeling, risk assessment and innovative IPM technology in an intimate setting to discuss the latest breakthroughs in modeling insect-vectored plant pathogen threats and mobile applications for risk assessment and management strategy assessment.

The second, larger meeting, the Xth International Symposium on Thysanoptera & Tospoviruses is the tenth of its kind and attracts experts in plant pathology, virology and entomology from around the world to discuss the evolving impacts of tospoviruses and thrips and novel management strategies.

Registration and abstract submission for contributed talks and posters is now live for both meetings. The early bird registration deadline and abstract submission dates for this meeting have been extended to April 15. Learn more by clicking here and here.