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BioSafe Systems


(888) 273-3088


BioSafe Systems’ AXXE herbicide is a broad-spectrum, non-selective weed control for grasses and broadleaf weeds affecting potatoes. It is formulated to deliver maximum performance and provide fast-acting results on a long list of weeds and grasses as well as most mosses and lichens.

AXXE is an innovative herbicidal soap product comprised of a form of ammoniated pelargonic salts. These salts penetrate the cell walls of plants, disrupting the cellular functions of the targeted weeds and killing them within hours of application.


JH Biotech, Inc.

Weed Zap

(805) 650-8933


Weed Zap is an all-natural, non-selective herbicide. Weed Zap zaps small broadleaf and grassy weeds. Its natural ingredients will eliminate plants that are six inches in height or smaller. Weed Zap is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is suitable for organic production.


Industrial Ventilation, Inc.



Whatever structure growers use to store their harvested potatoes and onions, they can look to IVI’s Jet-Ag service to ensure optimal conditions inside. Jet-Ag is a broad-spectrum, peroxyacetic acid, certified organic, agricultural sanitizer registered as a fungicide, bactericide and algaecide for agricultural and horticultural use and post-harvest/storage fogging.

It is used for the control of fungi and plant pathogens. Post-harvest fogging application controls microorganisms that cause decay or spoilage. Jet-Ag is a versatile, proven product that is effective at the moment of storage or any time after. 

Arysta LifeScience 

Shadow 3EC

(919) 678-4948


Shadow 3EC herbicide is a concentrated, post-emergent herbicide that controls all the toughest annual and perennial grassy weeds in several broadleaf crops, including potatoes.

Crops such as potatoes are poor weed competitors in the seedling stage. Shadow 3EC herbicide from Arysta LifeScience North America gives them the best possible start against competition. Shadow 3EC includes the genuine Clethodim active ingredient that growers have come to trust over the past 10 years. The 3-pound concentrated formulation of Shadow 3EC offers many tank-mix options for broad-spectrum weed control, with a wide window of application for easy timing. 

FMC Corporation

Aim EC


Aim EC from FMC Corporation is a standard for complete vine desiccation, providing excellent leaf and stem kill at optimal speed. Aim herbicide provides late-season control of eastern black nightshade. Its unique mode of action allows more time for nutrients to move into the tuber and for the tuber to release from the stolon, providing more uniform tuber size at harvest and possibly reducing stem-end browning. Aim herbicide can be applied alone once or in sequential application on fresh market, storage and seed potatoes.

United Phosphorus, Inc.


(800) 438-6071

Tricor herbicide from UPI has been trusted by potato growers for years to deliver advanced protection against the most damaging weeds. With both pre- and post-emergent application uses, Tricor controls weeds during critical crop stages. When used as a tank mix partner, Tricor enhances growers’ weed control spectrum even further.

Available in both dry and liquid flowable formulations, Tricor has been proven effective to control pigweed, lambsquarters, foxtail, shepherd’s purse, crabgrass, thistle and many other weed varieties. Growers can give their potato crop the chance to reach its greatest yield potential by choosing the effective protection of Tricor herbicide.

BASF Crop Protection

Outlook, Prowl H2O


Outlook herbicide provides powerful, consistent control of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp, pigweed and eastern black nightshade and is labeled for use on multiple crops, including potatoes. Add in excellent crop safety and application flexibility, and growers will realize why Outlook is a favored partner for growers looking for an herbicide that performs all season long.  Prowl H2O herbicide provides broad-spectrum residual control of tough broadleaf weeds and grasses, including resistant species of jungle rice and Italian ryegrass. Prowl H2O herbicide is a water-based formulation that helps maximize herbicide availability for residual weed control through excellent surface stability and reduced binding to field residue. This innovative herbicide offers additional benefits including no odor, reduced staining, greater storage temperature flexibility and better performance in high surface areas. This crop-safe herbicide is flexible and can be used on more than 90 crops, including potatoes.

Both Outlook and Prowl H2O are part of the BASF Advanced Weed Control System. Always read and follow label directions.

Syngenta Crop Protection


Boundary herbicide is a soil-applied, early-season herbicide containing two active ingredients that optimizes weed control while offering excellent crop tolerance and rotation flexibility. Boundary is active on a variety of weeds, including many annual broadleaves, grasses and sedges.

Sequence herbicide is a foliar, systemic herbicide that may be applied to control a broad spectrum of emerged weeds. It also provides residual control of many grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, including bristly starbur, common lambsquarters, eastern black nightshade, fall panicum, foxtails, johnsongrass, pigweed and velvetleaf, among others.

Gramoxone SL 2.0 herbicide provides fast burn-down control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds on a variety of crops, including potatoes. Gramoxone SL 2.0 provides broad-spectrum control on difficult-to-control weeds, including those that glyphosate can leave behind. Ideal for burndown, floor management in perennial crops and as a harvest aid, this contact herbicide controls annual and perennial weeds.

Reglone is a non-volatile herbicide for use as a pre-harvest aid to desiccate certain crops in order to facilitate harvesting. Reglone is also recommended for use as a general herbicide to control weeds in non-crop areas and non-bearing crops. Reglone is an easy-to-use liquid that can be applied with ground or aerial equipment. Within hours of application, fast-acting Reglone is absorbed into green plant tissue—where rain can’t wash it off. In addition to desiccating green crop matter, it also dries broadleaf weeds and grasses that it contacts.

Contact Syngenta Crop Protection at www.syngenta.com

Westbridge Agricultural Products

Suppress Herbicide EC

(800) 876-2767


Developed by Westbridge Agricultural Products, Suppress Herbicide EC is a highly effective new EPA-registered tool for weed management programs. It is registered as a broad-spectrum contact herbicide for post-emergent, non-selective weed control for use in and around all food and non-food crops. Westbridge’s proprietary formulation is an emulsifiable concentrate that has been approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic food production.

In over four years of university research and field trials, Suppress Herbicide EC demonstrates excellent results in controlling various weeds. The low-foaming, easy-to-use formulation provides rapid, effective weed control, even in cooler weather conditions, and it will not volatilize.

Suppress Herbicide EC is an important tool to help organic growers meet their production goals, and it is an excellent option for conventional growers to use as a rotational herbicide where weeds have become resistant to other chemical herbicides.


Cheetah, Tuscany


Cheetah is a quick, safe, easy way to manage resistance. Cheetah utilizes a novel mode of action to better protect crops from triazine, ALS, and glyphosate resistant weeds. It helps growers focus less on problems and more on profit.

For broad-spectrum, non-selective control of tough-to-control grass, sedge and broadleaf weeds, Cheetah is tough to beat. But sometimes great weed control is only half the battle. When the solution also needs to be long-lasting, growers can confidently recommend a tank mix of Cheetah and Tuscany.

Tuscany is proven, long-term protection, making it the ideal pairing for Cheetah. Tuscany provides long-lasting residual control of more than 90 weeds. Plus, it won’t leach or volatilize and delivers excellent rotational flexibility. 


Linex 4L

(509) 430-2299


As development of resistance weed populations is becoming more obvious each year, important weeds are gaining a
stronger foothold in potatoes grown in the Pacific Northwest. There hasn’t been a new herbicide mode of action introduced in the last two decades. The good news is that herbicide resistance can be delayed and even prevented while existing resistant populations can be controlled with proper planning.

NovaSource recently received a Special Local Need label for pre-emergence application of Linex 4L to potatoes in Washington and Idaho. This designation provides a mode of action previously unavailable for use in potatoes west of the Rockies at a much-needed time.

Although linuron, the active ingredient in Linex 4L, and metribuzin both inhibit photosynthesis at photosystem II, the chemical family and inhibition binding site are different. In addition, researchers have stated that substituted ureas such as linuron are not as prone to resistance as are traizinones. 

Linex 4L is known for having activity on nightshade, lambquarters, redroot pigweed, kochia and grasses.