ETwater Introduces Solution to Excess Water Use

Published online: Apr 23, 2015 Irrigation, New Products
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The 45th anniversary of Earth Day brings increased awareness to the issues associated with water scarcity. People around the globe are becoming increasingly sensitive and focused on the unnecessary waste of the earth’s precious resources. Mandatory water restrictions are being implemented by leaders, agencies and municipalities across the United States.

What many don’t know is that advanced technology solutions exist and can help consumers and businesses deal with these restrictions and the need to conserve water. For the first time, ETwater, one of the most powerful, intelligent and extendable irrigation services, is available directly to the public for a low monthly subscription fee. You can sign up at
“The planet’s sustainability is all our responsibility,” says Pat McIntyre, chairman and CEO of ETwater. “The combination of our internet-based technology platform and smart controller devices enables us to help businesses and consumers conserve water while preserving a healthy landscape.”

ETwater has been investing in and developing a complete, cloud-based smart irrigation system that reduces water consumption by up to 50 percent compared with conventional irrigation methods. The company has over a decade of experience working with the country’s largest businesses, municipalities and HOAs to help reduce and optimize water consumption. ETwater holds several key patents on smart irrigation technology, was the first company to obtain the Irrigation Association’s SWAT (Smart Water Application Testing) in 2004, and is EPA Watersense certified.

Included in the cost of the new ETwater irrigation service are:

  • New or retrofit smart controller device with warranty replacements and repairs
  • 24/7 concierge-level service for landscape and programming needs
  • Dynamically adjusted water schedules with weather forecast and prediction features
  • Reliable wireless network connectivity (3G/4G LTE)
  • Adjustable alerts with event monitoring and reporting
  • Flow control, monitoring and break detection

This service is available for as little as $35 per month and can be purchased online directly at