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Published in the August 2014 Issue Published online: Aug 09, 2014
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Valley AquaDock

Valley Irrigation now offers a new sprinkler application option for growers who rotate crops of varying heights. AquaDock drop hose docking stations support two ground clearances in one drop hose assembly. Growers can easily change the drop hose height from the ground using a lift pole to place the sprinkler head into the docking station.

AquaDock allows growers to tailor water application to varying crop clearances without compromising uniformity or efficiency—two essential elements in yield and profit. With lower crops, growers get more efficiency with lower sprinklers.

AquaDock is available for new machines and for retrofitting existing pivots. Docking stations can be mounted directly to the U-pipe or they can clamp around the span. The span clamp version can prevent span cable theft.

AquaDock is available exclusively through Valley Irrigation dealers. For more information about AquaDock and other sprinkler options, visit


Actagro Elicitore PGR

The U.S. EPA has approved the federal registration for Elicitore PGR by Actagro.

Elicitore is a plant-based biochemical plant growth regulator intended to control vegetative growth, crop set and maturity to enhance yield in crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn and potatoes. Elicitore’s unique mode of action uses the biopesticide active ingredient Humates, which has been developed by Actagro using a proprietary process.

The use of Elicitore enhances root growth, improves the uptake of fertilizers, drives carbohydrate synthesis towards reproductive growth verses vegetative growth, increases the plant’s ability to resist disease, and improves crop set and uniform maturation to aid in harvest.

Additional features and benefits of Elicitore include being water-based with no solvents; compatibility with other pesticides and nutritional products in tanks mixes; flexibility for foliar or soil application; very low toxicity; and a neutral pH.

To learn more about Elicitore, contact Actagro at (559) 369-2222.

Whalen Truck Scale

Have you ever wished you knew how heavy your load was while you were loading? With the Whalen truck scale by Power/mation, now you can. The scale mounts under the semi trailer, where it is visible from the cab of the tractor or combine loading it. The Whalen truck scale takes the guesswork out of loading and eliminates the risk of under- or overloading a trailer, preventing extra trips or fines. It records gross weight of the semi with a range of 0 to 99,999 pounds—with accuracy of plus or minus 2.5 percent—and is available for mounting on fixed-axle air-ride trailers.

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Valley VFlex Corner

Valley Irrigation has added three new options to its VFlex Corner to give growers exactly what they need to irrigate additional acres on their farms.

Valley has expanded the VFlex’s options even more by offering electronic sprinkler sequencing, an additional corner length, and an inverted corner.

Electronic sequencing provides more precise water application and better uniformity. It continually measures the corner angle and the rate of change of the angle to dynamically calculate the correct sprinkler sequencing for specific field needs.

The addition of electronic sequencing enables the VFlex to offer options that aren’t available with mechanical sequencing, including a new 305-foot corner length and the inverted corner option.

The new 305-foot VFlex allows for irrigation of more acres in fields that aren’t quite square.

The inverted corner, which moves ahead of the center pivot, is often a better fit on part-circle fields and gives growers another way to design a corner for their fields’ exact needs.

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New Simplot Adjuvants

The J. R. Simplot Company has announced the introduction of four new premium performing adjuvants to its lineup of premium proprietary adjuvants from Plant Health Technologies (PHT): Delete-IT, a powerful spray system cleaner; Track-IT, a foam marker with superior longevity; Vestis, an OMRI-listed nonionic organosilicone wetting agent; and Volare DC for improved drift control, deposition and coverage designed specifically for aerial application equipment.

The PHT-branded specialty product line includes a wide variety of foliar and soil applied nutrients, and a full line of adjuvants, soil amendments and plant-growth stimulants to help ensure the best crop possible.

Sensetion Soil Moisture Sensor

New to the extensive range of Martin Lishman technological equipment is the Sensetion soil moisture sensor, specifically designed to aid vegetable and potato growers.

Powered by solar energy, and with a unique QR code built in to each sensor, this simple irrigation device sends color-coded real-time data to the user’s smartphone, informing him or her when to irrigate and how much, reducing water costs and improving yields.

The Sensetion has a measurement depth of about 10 inches to monitor the most important part of the root zone for water absorption. The device is easy to install and is supplied standard with an auger to drill a hole for the sensor to be inserted into. After the Sensetion app is downloaded, the QR code on the reverse of the sensor is scanned with the user’s smartphone so that the location of the sensor can be determined. Each sensor can then be individually renamed to identify its location and the soil type specified. The data is then collected and sent to the smartphone by means of an integrated GPRS data logger.

The Sensetion package consists of five sensors plus the relevant installation tools, a readout app compatible with Android and iOS, and three years of data communication free of charge.

Contact Martin Lishman Ltd. at

Kuhn Krause 6205 Landsman, 6405 Landstar

Kuhn Krause, Inc. introduces the new 6205 Landsman and 6405 Landstar, incorporating several product improvements and establishing a new industry benchmark for this product classification.

Front blade gang assemblies now incorporate the proven Kuhn Krause Excalibur blade. The hybrid Excalibur combines the aggressive residue cutting action of a coulter with vertical soil movement for leveling and incorporation.

The exclusive 32-flute blade design results in greater soil penetration and smaller initial soil clod size compared to smooth blades, and the unmistakable scalloped edge design of the Excalibur blade provides a predictable wear pattern. A flat center, in addition to a reverse crimp, has been incorporated into the center section of each blade, delivering 20 percent more blade strength and reduced soil buildup.

A completely new gang design features large 211 regreasable SuperSeal bearings on 1¾-inch gang arbor bolts.

These are mounted to heavy-duty rigid bearing arms on a 3- by 5-inch gang beam, providing a strong mount for the adjustable gang.

Other key features of the new Landsman and Landstar include improved walking beams with slip-in wheel spindles and an upgraded hydraulic depth control system.

6205 Landsman machines will continue to be offered in sizes from 18 to 45 feet, and 6405 Landstar machines in sizes from 18 to 36 feet. A variety of shank offerings and 24/7 harrows allow farmers to configure machines to their specifications for residue flow and seedbed preparation. The new 6405 LANDSTAR will continue to feature the industry exclusive Star Wheel attachment for superior seedbed conditioning.