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Published in the August 2014 Issue Published online: Aug 09, 2014
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Newtec Combination Scales

Ag-Pak is excited to offer the Newtec 4009XB2 combination scale. This nine-head scale delivers 50 5-pound portions per minute. Combined with the Ag-Pak AP6000 double wicketed bagger or Octopak carousel bagger, this scale provides exceptional performance at a low price and with a small footprint.

In addition, the heads can be removed without tools for easy cleaning, and the large weigh heads on the machine can handle any variety.

While the 4009XB2 is perfect for one bagger, the Newtec 4014XB1 is the perfect scale for applications with two baggers. The 14-head 4014XB1 delivers over 80 5-pound portions per minute.

For high-production applications, the 4014XB1 provides an unbeatably low equipment price-tothroughput ration and an exceptional level of production per square foot of floor space.

Finally, both of these scales enable tremendous flexibility in bag styles. Because they achieve their speeds while still feeding to the end of the machi9ne, different bagger types can easily be used on one scale.

Ag-Pak is excited to offer a new level of performance and functionality with these two scales.

Contact Ag-Pak at (716) 772-2651 or


LP20/20UTS Stretch Wrapper

NitechIPM has released a new color touchscreen on the LP20/20-UTS stretch wrapper. The LP20/20- UTS known for its heavy-duty construction and reliable performance and has many standard features not found on competing brands including:

• 7-inch color HMI touchscreen.

• 100 percent steel construction.

• 60-inch table.

• 6,000-pound load capacity.

• 30-inch Uni-Tension pre-stretch or magnetic brake systems that can use either 20- or 30-inch film and netting.

The newest addition to the LP20/20-UTS is the HMI color touchscreen, which offers intuitive features such as:

• Customized programs designed with different wrapping parameters based on varying product.

• Troubleshooting screens that include part numbers with description.

• A full manual operation system.

• Real-time machine alarms.

This series is available on Nitech’s low and high profile and dual turntable machines. The 20/20 series has many options available that include integrated scales, Hi-Slide for up to 120-inch wrap heights, and oversized turntables.

Contact NitechIPM at (800) 237-6496 or


AF-40 Potato Wrapper

What better way to prepare mouthwatering comfort food than throwing a potato on the grill all wrapped up in foil? Now there is a way for the potato packer to upsell this item and create a value-added product for his retailer and the consumer.

These days convenience is everything, and with the Emerald Automation AF-40 potato wrapper and foil rolls from NNZ Inc., potato packers can now offer a pre-cleaned foil-wrapped tray of potatoes. Foil-wrapped potatoes cook from the outside in unlike shrink-wrapped microwaveable potatoes; by so doing, the potato actually draws nutrients and flavor from the skin into the meat of the potato. The AF-40 is capable of speeds of up to 40 potatoes a minute.

Contact NNZ, Inc. at or Emerald Automation at


Volm Engineered Solutions Team

The Volm Engineered Solutions Team (VEST) is a professional design and engineering organization whose designs are thoughtfully constructed to meet the requirements of today’s food handling needs, focusing on sustainability, traceability, simplicity, gentle handling, and safety.

VEST expands Volm’s capabilities as a manufacturer of Volmpack weighing and bagging equipment to a systems integrator and solutions provider for food plant automation.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with an entirely new facility or looking to improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of an existing one, VEST’s designers and engineers can create the custom solutions that work for you. Choose Volm and get a complete solution for receiving, grading, packaging, palletizing and material handling that works together seamlessly.

Contact Volm Companies at or (800) 253-4737.


TOMRA Sorting is the preferred supplier for the food market’s sensor-based sorting, peeling and analytical needs.

Odenberg and Best, together TOMRA Sorting Food, design and supply innovative worldclass sorting, peeling and process analytics solutions for a wide range of applications and have solutions for sorting of whole, sliced, diced, cubed and flake potato products.

From whole potatoes to french fries, chips, crisps and specialty potato products, TOMRA’s technologies sort by defect, biological characteristics, shape and size. TOMRA products guarantee the removal of discolorations, defects, bruises, rot and all types of foreign material such as stones, plastics, wood and glass.

With more than 7,000 machines installed worldwide, TOMRA offers a comprehensive customer support network to ensure prompt customer service. In addition, U.S. customers can rely on two state-of-the-art test and demonstration centers—in Sacramento, Calif., and Denver, Colo.—to test their own products and ensure TOMRA’s sorting solutions meet their specific requirements.

Whether you’re a multinational organization or a small farm, TOMRA Sorting has a solution that will meet your needs.

Contact TOMRA Sorting Solutions at


Robotic Palletizing Machines

American-Newlong is one of North America’s largest and oldest distributors for Fuji robotic palletizers. The company offers four models: the EC-61, EC-101, EC-171 and EC-201, all of which feature palletizing capacities from 600 to 1,600 cycles per hour.

The weight of the mechanically balanced arm can be supported by a single finger. This unique design allows the robot to use less energy and reduce stress on the arm joints, bearings, pivot points and floor supports. Fuji robots are also UL approved.

Contact American-Newlong at (317) 787-9421 or

Contact Crysteel Manufacturing at (800) 533-0494 or


Packing Solutions

What sets South Georgia Equipment (SGE) apart is its dedication to providing its customers with solutions tailored to their needs.

Satisfied customers across North America bear that out.

“We’ve gone from producing 15 tons of potatoes and carrots per hour to 25 tons per hour,” said Tom Karnemaat of Karnemaat Farms in Fremont, Mich., after installing a new line from SGE. “We remain at peak efficiency with fewer people, and are saving about eight to 10 percent on production line labor costs.”

SGE offers extensive experience in the potato, onion, carrot and fruit industries, enabling the company to find the right equipment for every customer. SGE’s custom equipment solutions include harvesting systems, baggers, planters, finish toppers, sizers, weighers, extraction systems, automation and processing equipment.

SGE’s business isn’t focused solely on the sale of equipment, but also on the engineering and integration into growers’ operations and continued service after the purchase. SGE’s facility is staffed with top sales, parts and service individuals bringing the highest levels of knowledge and quality customer service.

The team at SGE takes great pride in its ability to provide growers, packers and shippers custom automated solutions. The results speak for themselves.

“Would I recommend SGE?” said Javier Oviedo of J.C. Watson Packing Company in Parma, Idaho. “Yes.”

South Georgia Equipment’s locations in Lyons, Ga., and Ontario, Ore., are ready to serve growers.

For more information, visit or, or call the Georgia office at (912) 526-6199 or the Oregon office at (541) 889-6670.