IPNI Board of Directors Elects New Officers

Published online: Jun 04, 2014
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New officers of the Board of Directors of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) were elected May 25. The election took place at the IPNI board meeting held in Sydney, Australia, in conjunction with the 82nd Annual Conference of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

Mostafa Terrab, Ph.D., chairman and CEO of OCP Group in Morocco, is the new chairman of the IPNI board for a two-year term. Jim T. Prokopanko, president and CEO of The Mosaic Company in Plymouth, Minn., was elected vice vhairman of the IPNI Board. Oleg Petrov, director of sales and marketing of Uralkali in Moscow, Russia, was elected chair of the Finance Committee.

Stephen R. Wilson, who retired as chairman, president and CEO of CF Industries Holdings Inc. in January, also concluded his term as chairman of the IPNI Board of Directors and was recognized for outstanding leadership and service in his role.

Dr. Terry L. Roberts, who continues as president of IPNI, stated, “The support and dedicated service of Mr. Wilson has been greatly appreciated by IPNI as we continue to work to develop the science behind nutrient stewardship and promote its role in achieving global food security.” Dr. Roberts emphasized, “Mr. Wilson’s role as chairman of the IPNI Board has been a positive force in securing IPNI’s agronomic research and education programs around the world. We look forward to continued progress with Dr. Terrab, Mr. Prokopanko, and Mr. Petrov in their new roles.”