Mitas Pneutrac Tire

Published in the January 2014 Issue Published online: Jan 08, 2014
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Mita’s PneuTrac tire brings together the best of both worlds in traditional pneumatic tires and rubber tracks. Mitas is intensively testing the PneuTrac concept on an 18-inch rim and has already started the first tests on a larger 38-inch rim tire.

Mountable on standard rims, Mitas PneuTrac provides better traction efficiency with lower slippage, resulting in lower operational costs, higher crop yields and less damage to the soil compared to standard tires. PneuTrac provides very stable driving at low inflation pressures, ensuring comfort and safety with no need to adjust inflation pressure. Mitas is developing its PneuTrac concept with its partner, Galileo Wheel Ltd.

The footprint of Mitas PneuTrac is 53 percent larger than that of a standard tire, and it provides higher tractive force, ensuring gentle ground handling with much lower and improved distribution of pressure on the ground with less soil compaction. The lateral stability of PneuTrac is of a very high level compared to standard tires—167 percent higher.

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