Case IH Equipment Designed with Potato Growers in Mind

Company announces largest ever new product line

Published in the January 2014 Issue Published online: Jan 17, 2014
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Each type of potato requires a special set of circumstances in order to yield a successful crop, including the right equipment to get the job done and to do it well. From tractors to tillage tools to application equipment, Case IH continues to offer potato growers options to keep them ready. In fact, more than 50 new models were announced last August.


Magnum Tractors

Crop production and fieldwork tasks can now be completed more comfortably and efficiently with the updated Case IH Magnum lineup. Potato growers will appreciate the tractors’ industry-leading horsepower, fuel efficiency and ease of operation whether pulling bedding and cultivation equipment, planters, or pull-type crossovers and harvesting equipment. A new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) option for high-horsepower models helps maximize available power, optimize fuel efficiency and maintain a constant ground speed.

“Magnum tractors deliver efficient power in the toughest conditions through simple, smart design,” says Dan Klein, Case IH marketing manager for Magnum tractors. “Our exclusive SCR-only emissions system and our multiple transmission options were created with both producer productivity and ease of use in mind.”

Nine models, all available with CVT, offer 180 to 380 horsepower. With Case IH CVT technology, no matter what speed you choose, you will maximize available power without breaking traction, while keeping your potato crop in optimal condition.

The new Magnum tractors provide up to 14 percent power growth, plus up to an extra 35 engine horsepower with Power Boost so you can plow through difficult soil conditions. The Tier 4 B/Final-compliant Magnum line delivers the highest horsepower in its class, without increasing fluid consumption or maintenance requirements.

The simple suspension in a Magnum cab stabilizes front-to-back and up-and-down motions, giving operators a smoother ride and helping them focus on the job. Equipped with a MultiControl armrest, all key functions are at the driver’s fingertips. The console includes the AFS Pro 700 control center, allowing growers to monitor and control critical machine functions and precision farming features from one screen.


Ecolo-Tiger 875

Potato growers know that for a maximum tuber set, a mellow soil profile must be present at planting. The all-new Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 builds on the proven history of the Ecolo-Tiger series to deliver excellent plant rooting as well as level, uniform soil output for successful bedding and planting operations.

The 875 features many new enhancements in productivity and durability. All-new, high-density Tiger points have longer wear life and are mounted at least 36 inches apart on heavy-duty shank assemblies spaced 24 inches apart in the direction of travel. Single-point depth control is now standard on the 875 and a new bearing shield is included for each C-hanger on gang models. Abundant under-frame clearance is also designed to provide maximum residue clearance for potato vines or rotational crops in order to keep soils uniform.

New for 2014, the 875 features an optional hydraulically adjustable double-edged reel on the back, ideal for floating or raising the reel from the cab. Throughout the machine, Case IH added strength to all hinge areas and pins. A stabilizing saddle for each leveler arm limits horizontal movement under load.

The Ecolo-Tiger features independent adjustability between disk blades, shank depths and leveling systems—ideal to match settings to prevailing soil conditions in the field. Service requirements on the 875 are kept to a minimum by equipping all shank assemblies and rockshafts with polymer bushings in all pivot areas.

Whether you are planting, creating potato beds, harvesting, or tilling fields for the next season, Case IH has equipment that can help you be ready for whatever the growing season throws at you.