New product prevents distracted driving

Published online: Sep 05, 2013
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Azuga, a leading instant-install cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solution, announced the launch of Azuga DriveSafe-a service that implements mobile device policies for fleet customers.

The new offering is powered by the world's leading technology to stop distracted driving, Cellcontrol. With Azuga DriveSafe, employees' phones are put in do-not-disturb mode, blocking disruptive emails and texts when vehicles are in motion.

The Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association estimates 20 percent of all fleet vehicles are involved in a crash each year, and the National Safety Council predicts each crash costs an average of more than $25,000.  Azuga DriveSafe is immediately available to Azuga's vehicle tracking subscription customers for a low initial offering price.

"Azuga DriveSafe is a must-have for fleet operators of any size" said Chris Parisis, president of CG Appliances and an Azuga customer. "While we use Azuga for tracking driver behavior, this now moves it up a notch since it can almost eliminate all driver distraction."

"Distracted driving is not only part of the national conversation today, it's the law. Talking or texting while driving is a huge liability for our fleet customers" said Ananth Rani, vice president and general manager of Azuga. "The launch of Azuga DriveSafe demonstrates our commitment to our customers and to public safety."

"The launch of Azuga DriveSafe is a great example of how quickly Cellcontrol's technology can be integrated into services offered by our partners," said Joe Breaux, chief technology officer of Cellcontrol. "Our simple triggering methodology, mobile device application, management console and suite of API's allow partners like Azuga to instantly integrate Cellcontrol distracted driving technology."

The company expects Azuga DriveSafe customers will benefit from fewer rear-end crashes-saving costs, minimizing liability and keeping drivers safe.

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