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Published in the September 2013 Issue Published online: Sep 02, 2013 Tyler J. Baum, Editor
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Emerald Packaging

Since its founding in 1963, Emerald Packaging has focused on delivering the finest quality and best service in the flexible packaging industry. A leading manufacturer of packaging for the produce industry, its focus is on bags, pouches, rollstock and microwave-in-bag applications. Capabilities include high-definition process printing up to 10 colors, laser perforation/scoring, hot needle perforation and film lamination.

Innovative product launches have included dual compartment frangible seal pouches, unit level traceable QR and human readable codes printed directly onto bags, and microwave-in-bag applications for a wide variety of products.

Emerald has been a leader in developing new and innovative packaging specifically for the potato industry. This includes a broad line of UV light-blocking films and bags to reduce greening in potatoes and extend shelf life. In addition, the company runs a number of microwave-in-bag products for both potatoes and yams.

Guardian Mfg. Antimicrobial Ozone Wash

(321) 508-3392

Guardian Manufacturing, Inc. offers ozone-based antimicrobial wash/rinse systems for use on tuber wash and packing lines. The Ensure-ATS (antimicrobial treatment system) provides tubers a final wash or rinse step for any surface-borne pathogens prior to packaging or storage. Treatment of the surfaces inhibits cross contamination and assists in extending shelf life.

Guardian has successfully built and delivered hundreds of ozone gas treatment and wash systems specific to the potato industry. The systems can accommodate any size facility and can be configured for basic, no-frills operation or with ORP, DOM (dissolved ozone monitor) or gaseous ozone sensors (pile storage) for system control. Systems can also be remotely monitored and controlled through local intranet or Internet connections.

TOMRA's Field Potato Sorter

TOMRA Sorting Solutions believes the benefits for North American potato growers of using sorting machines are best illustrated by its ground-breaking new Field Potato Sorter.

The state-of-the-art system offers growers significantly reduced labor and storage costs, improved product quality and increased yield, compared to more traditional sorting methods. These benefits partly accrue because the Field Potato Sorter replaces difficult-to-recruit human labor previously needed to clean up the product stream going into storage. In addition, the system offers high capacity and low maintenance, flexibility and gentle handling, simple controls and feedback and consistent long-life accuracy.

The Field Potato Sorter is compact and available in various widths, to suit typical sorting capacity requirements of up to 180,000 lbs/hr.

Ag-Pak NEWTEC 4009XB2 Combination Scale

(716) 772-2651

Ag-Pak introduces the NEWTEC 4009XB2 Combination Scale. This 9-head scale delivers 50 five-pound portions per minute. Combined with the Ag-Pak AP6000 Double Wicketed Bagger, or the Octopak Carousel Bagger, this scale provides exceptional performance at a low price and with a small footprint. In addition, the heads can be removed without tools for easy cleaning and the large weigh heads on the machine can handle any variety.

While the 4009XB2 is perfect for one bagger, the NEWTEC 4014XB1 is the perfect scale for applications with two baggers. The 14-head 4014XB1 delivers over 80 five-pound portions per minute. Again for high-production applications, the 4014XB1 provides an unbeatably low equipment price to throughput ratio and an exceptional level of production per square foot of floor space.

Finally, both of these scales enable tremendous flexibility of bag styles. Because they achieve their speeds while still feeding to the end of the machine, different bagger types can easily be used on one scale. Ag-Pak is excited to offer a new level of performance and functionality with these two scales.

Ernst Expanding Roll-Sizer

(661) 831-7553

The Ernst Expanding adjustable Roll-Sizer is designed to speedily size produce by means of precision-controlled rollers. Spacing of rollers is regulated by control handles conveniently placed on the sides of the sizer. Smallest sizes are removed first, then each larger size is removed progressively as the produce flows through the sizer. Produce is carried away by conveyor belts passing through the sizer. Most Ernst sizers have over 200 bearings, to prevent wear. It is not uncommon to find Ernst Sizers working in the field for over 30 years. The Ernst sizer achieves its accuracy by having the same size opening between its rollers throughout the one drop-out size.

American-Newlong A1-PB Bag Closing System

(317) 787-9421

American-Newlong's A1-PB pedestal combined with the DS-9 sewing head is a cost-effective, versatile bag closing system. Adjustable in height, the system can be used with a wide range of conveyors and can sew any type of bag ranging from paper bags, woven PP/PE to cloth bags. This system is equipped with vector drive technology for easy speed matching to existing conveyors, promoting maximum speed flexibility and facilitating fast start/stop sewing action that reduces material cost. The A1-PB bag closing machine is designed to accommodate both plain sew and crepe-tape bound closures. It features a maximum speed of 2,700 RPM and can be converted to a single thread system.

Volm Ultratech Mesh

(715) 627-4826

A third-generation, family-owned American business, Volm Companies, Inc. has served produce packagers for more than 60 years. It is a company that sets trends and breaks new ground in both packaging technology and customer service.

Volm offers a complete line of packaging options. One of the latest innovations is Ultratech Mesh, a lightweight and strong material delivering performance, breathability and stability while using less material and consuming less fuel in production and transportation.

Volm also sells and supports packaging equipment and systems. Being a forerunner in this field has contributed to a natural market leadership in consultancy services, delivered by the Volm Equipment Team (VET) of productivity experts.

Chinook Procheck System

(800) 219-2245

The Procheck System carton check-weigher from Chinook Equipment will automatically check cartons in motion as they pass over the check scale. Rejects are automatically diverted to a parallel reweigh station where an operator can adjust the weight of the carton on a separate static scale.

After necessary adjustments in weight are made, the carton is returned by the operator to again go over the automatic check-weigher and on to the carton closer. This system also includes automatic traffic control so that only one carton at a time is on the check-weigher. The operator can be freed up to do other work, as this system can be set up to allow 10 or more cartons to be held in the re-weigh area.

Haines Dual Bulk Sack Filler

(607) 566-2234

The Haines Dual Bulk Sack Filler features a dual bag design that allows continuous operation of the unit. It has hydraulic operation of the lift units, a hydraulic bag release and high-capacity belted rear elevator.