Bestway Retriever Transport Hitch

Published in the May 2012 Issue Published online: May 09, 2012
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Bestway Retrieve Transport HitchHIAWATHA, Kan.-Bestway Inc., a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer, announces the addition of a new model to the rapidly growing Retriever Transport Hitch product line. The new model is engineered for towing large drawn planters and other large implements with two-point or drawbar type hitches.

The Retriever Transport Hitch "Wet Kit" model utilizes a semi-tractor's dual-acting Wet Kit (if so equipped) to provide the hydraulic power to the lift system of the Retriever Transport Hitch. The Retriever's exclusive design allows switching from a CAT III, two-point hitch, to a CAT II in 10 seconds or less. For drawbar-type implements and planters, a removable Class III drawbar with 12,000 lb. tongue weight capacity is included with the hitch. A Category IV drawbar is available as an option.

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