Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 09, 2012
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Quash FungicideQuash: Quash is a highly effective, broad-spectrum triazole fungicide containing metconazole, and its registration provides potato growers with an important new tool for resistance management and disease control.

Quash provides excellent control of early blight and other damaging diseases, including white mold, brown spot and black dot. With increasing resistance to strobilurin and SDHI fungicides, Quash provides potato growers with a much-needed new option for resistance management. Quash can be applied to potato by either aerial or ground application.

Presidio FungicidePresidio: A fast-acting chemistry with a new mode of action, Presidio provides growers with a powerful tool to control tough diseases. In research trials, Presidio provided excellent control of Phytophthora diseases in potatoes, such as late blight and pink rot (including mefenoxam-resistant pink rot).

Presidio also will offer growers a wide application window, tank-mix compatibility, short restricted entry and pre-harvest intervals and both preventive and curative action.

Presidio has been registered for several years in cucurbit and brassica crops, as well as bulb, fruiting, leafy, root and other tuber vegetables with excellent performance against oomycete diseases such as downy mildew and Phytophthora blight.