Seametrics PE102 Magmeter

Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 05, 2012
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Seametrics PE102 MagmeterThis miniature electromagnetic flow meter from Seametrics is designed for low-flow chemical injection or difficult-to-meter applications with pulsating metering pumps in one-quarter- to three-quarter-inch pipe/tube sizes. It has PVDF-wetted components, making it highly corrosion-resistant and, therefore, capable of allowing measurement of a wide variety of chemicals.

With no moving parts to clog or jam, the PE can handle fluids containing particulate matter and pulsating flow from diaphragm or peristaltic chemical metering pumps. It is highly suited for chemigation or fertigation applications. Outputs include pulse and 4-20 mA signals for use with a variety of external controls or external displays. The PE Meter is compact enough to fit most pump/injection systems. With zero straight pipe required after an elbow, it can be easily mounted in tight spaces. Highly durable, economically priced and virtually maintenance-free, the Seametrics PE102 Low Flow Magmeter is the perfect solution for your irrigation application.